The 10 Best Amazon Golf Products Under $50

We purchased and tested 10 of the most popular golf products under $50 on Amazon to see if they lived up to expectation

The 10 Best Amazon Golf Products Under $50
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There are over 20,000 results when you type in 'golf' in the Amazon search bar. From these results, over 10,000 products are priced at $50 or under and we wanted to see what the 10 best were. 

For this test, we've taken everything from the cheapest dozen balls on the whole website, the cheapest golf club we could find, the cheapest travel cover we could find, and some of the best training aids on the website to see what they are all about. In no particular order (apart from the first product) here are the 10 best Amazon golf products you can buy right now for under $50. 

WATCH: Dan Parker's test of the top 10 golf products on Amazon for less than £50 

Boot Buddy 2.0

This was the stand-out favorite from our cheap Amazon golf product testing. We think the Boot Buddy shoe cleaner is the single best way to clean your shoes and keep them looking fresher for longer. 

For just $20, you get the shoe cleaner itself as well as a shoe cleaning solution and a microfiber towel. The shoe cleaner itself has a reservoir to hold water mixed with the cleaning solution and works with the bristles at the top of the brush for a comprehensive cleaning experience. Fresh or ground in mud is no match for the Boot Buddy and the plastic picker at the top of the device is great for cleaning the outsole of the shoe where mud often is more stubborn to remove. Cleaning your shoes regularly will not only keep them looking as fresh as possible but will also extend their lifespan, too.  

Champkey Impact Mat 2.0

This highly visual training aid shows your exact club path and point of impact with the ball. As the club interacts with the soft hitting surface, a contrasting colored line will appear to show you precisely how your club interacted with the ground. It can be used with or without a ball to help you gain a better understanding of your swing path and striking positions and improve on it at the same time. This version comes with a grippy rubber holder and three spare impact mats for when the first one inevitably wears out.  

We found from our testing that the mat sits about half an inch above the ground when sat in the rubber holder. To use this most efficiently, you need to make sure your feet are on the same level as the mat, otherwise, you'll find yourself constantly fatting the ball and giving yourself inaccurate feedback on your strike location. While it's one of the more expensive products in our under $50 test, we felt this premium impact mat delivers excellent value for money considering the three spares that come with it. Used properly, it'll last you a long time and is useful for all levels of golfer. 

Birdie Brush

This is a straightforward but premium club cleaner ideal to take out on course with you. The Birdie Brush is effectively just a spray bottle with a club cleaner attached on the end, but it does a fantastic job at cleaning your clubs during and after a round. One push down on the top of the bottle and it'll dispense water through the bristles of the brush to allow for a comprehensive wipe clean of your club. From a bit of sand to ground-in mud, the Birdie Brush was equipped to handle it all. 

It comes with a clip that allows it to attach to the accessory hook on your bag too, which is a useful place to keep it while you're out playing. There are loads of this type of product on Amazon, but for us, this is the best made, best looking, and most practical of the lot. 

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Balls

TaylorMade Distance+ Golf Ball and its blue packaging resting on a wall on the golf course

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The cheapest dozen golf balls on Amazon changes often between the TaylorMade Distance+, Srixon Distance and Wilson Duo Optix golf balls. At the time we were purchasing, it was the TaylorMade Distance+, and we were impressed with the performance considering the price. It shares the same TaylorMade logo and font as the brand's premium TP5 golf ball, which gives this cheap golf ball an altogether premium look. It also features a large alignment aid down the side of the ball which is helpful on the greens. 

As a two-piece golf ball, it's understandably much, much harder than the more premium golf balls on the market. Over the winter months that we tested this ball, the firmness of the ball actually came to our benefit as we got a little extra distance off the tee and didn't need the spin on soft, wet greens. While it scuffed up quicker than the cover on more premium golf balls, it was no different from its cheaper competitors, and coming in just over $1 a ball, it won't hurt your bank balance as much when you inevitably lose one. 

Lower handicap golfers would never use this golf ball at the height of the season, but it worked superbly for us in the winter when extra distance is needed and spin into greens isn't. For higher handicappers, there's no reason at all why the Distance+ can't be your go-to ball all year round and, for us, it's one of the best cheap golf balls you can buy. 

Golf Ball Marker Set

Simplistic as this may seem, we don't feel enough golfer utilize markings on their golf ball enough and this cheap but effective set can remedy that. You get four different colored permanent markers and two alignment tools to help draw a variety of different lines across your golf ball. The types and arrangement of lines you can draw on the ball are vast and you can tailor it to your visual preferences. It's also good to have a few permanent markers in your golf bag to mark your golf balls for identification purposes. 

PuttOUT Devil Balls

PuttOUT Devil Balls Review

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These are some of our favorite training aids here at Golf Monthly. I'd suggest diving into our full review of the PuttOUT Devil Balls to get a greater understanding of how they work but, in short, they are a putting training aid that helps golfers understand the face angle of their putter at impact. 

The Devil Ball features a flatter edge that exaggerates any open or closed putter face. For a right-handed golf, if the face is delivered open the Devil Ball will move dramatically to the right. If the face is delivered closed, the ball will dive off to the left. It's a really interactive and visual way of understanding where your putter is at impact. They feel and weigh pretty much the same as a normal golf ball, so the results you get are incredibly accurate and can help you develop the right muscle memory to deliver the putter square to the ball more often. For around $20, it's one of the best value training aids we've tested too. 

Me And My Golf True Grip Glove

Me And My Golf True Grip Glove Review

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Another one of the best golf training aids on the market, the Me And My Golf True Grip Glove is like a cheat sheet for your grip. The glove - available in four sizes for both left and right-handed golfers - has bright blue signifiers to help you position your hands perfectly on the club. What's most valuable about this is the free lessons that come as part of your purchase. The video lessons - accessed via the QR code on the package - are hosted by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman who teach you how to use the glove most effectively and how to change your grip to counteract either a slice or a hook. 

Golfers of all levels will find this glove incredibly useful. For those starting out, it's a  perfect visual guide to mastering the golf grip while more experienced golfers will enjoy using it at the range to check that their grip is in the right position and to develop muscle memory as to where the hands need to sit. With all of this for less than $30, it's another superb value Amazon golf product. 

Golf Wipes

We purchased these more out of curiosity than anything else - what exactly are golf wipes? Well, it turns out they're just glorified baby wipes. They clean clubs reasonably well but leave a strange residue on them which needs to be wiped with a towel afterward. The brand says they're biodegradable, but it feels incredibly wasteful and leaves you with a muddy wet wipe in your pocket once you're done. We've already looked at much more efficient and environmentally sound cleaning solutions in the Birdie Brush, and these wipes felt pointless in comparison. 

While we didn't enjoy using them on our golf clubs, these wipes were useful for cleaning muddy shoes or helping make grips a bit tackier. If you like the idea of them, we'd suggest just getting some cheaper baby wipes! 

Wilson Harmonized Wedge

A Wilson wedge for under $40? Yep, you read that right. We were so intrigued by this cheap wedge we had to give it a go for ourselves. For the price, we were impressed by how it performed on the course. 

It's a 56° sand wedge with 12 degrees of bounce and boasts a classic shape at address. The spin on course was decent - nothing like a premium wedge - but good enough for the type of golfer who will be using this wedge. Our only concern - and you'd have to expect it at this price - is how quickly the face marked up but for $40 you won't find a better cheap wedge. 

Izzo Travel Cover

Another product that we just had to try considering the price. The best travel covers normally come in well over $100, so to find one for under $40 intrigued us. Out of the box, we understood why the Izzo is priced as it is. Firstly, it comes with no wheels. This makes traveling through the airport nearly impossible unless you use a luggage trolley. On the plus side, the fabric is really strong and there is so much space to carry much more than just a set of golf clubs for your trip. 

If you're a very irregular traveler looking for a cheap travel cover solution, this will suit you fine. Regular travelers will want to look elsewhere. 

Dan Parker
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