Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 vs Odyssey Eleven Putter: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Scotty Cameron and Odyssey have been producing some of the best putters in golf for a number of years. Here, we compare two of the latest mallet offerings

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 vs Odyssey Eleven Putter
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Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 vs Odyssey Eleven Putter: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

When you think of the best putters on the market it would be difficult to choose any better the brands of Scotty Cameron and Odyssey, with both producing the most iconic and famous models the golf world has ever seen. In 2022, we saw the additions of the Phantom X 9 from Scotty Cameron and Odyssey expanding its mallet range with the Eleven model.

The Phantom X 9 shares the best features of the X 5 and X 11 mallets to offer more stability and MOI in a compact head shape. Whereas as the Eleven takes inspiration from the classic Odyssey #7 putter style. In this comparison test, we take a look at the two premium models and find out which is better suited to your game.


We begin with the Scotty Cameron (opens in new tab) and its looks, which we found to be a bit more compact in the mallet design department. The part that stands out though is the thick white sightline that runs through the black section surrounding it. However, we think that some would want that sightline to extend all the way to the leading edge and not just three-quarters of it.

The Odyssey Eleven ranks as one of the best mallet putters that money can buy, with the larger profile likely to inspire more confidence over the ball than the Scotty Cameron. What's more, there are multiple full length sightline options available, including no line, a single line or Triple Track, which broadens the appeal. You could argue that perhaps it's function over form, but appealing nonetheless.


The Odyssey (opens in new tab) may edge the Scotty Cameron in the looks department, but the Phantom X 9 claws it back with feel and sound. Constructed with an all metal face, the Scotty Cameron produces a firmer, more solid feel at impact that we certainly preferred. Along with the firmer face, we also really enjoyed the non-slip texture of the updated Pistolero Plus grip, which has less taper in the lower hand and seemed to match up perfectly with the size of the head. 

Although the Scotty Cameron slightly edges the Odyssey, the Eleven still feels just as solid off the face as the X9, but with a gentler sound at impact from the White Hot insert contributing to a softer feel. The two grip options were both perfectly comfortable, especially the smaller, more pistol style, but we marginally preferred the wider top section in the left hand of the Scotty Cameron’s.

Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 Putter

The Phantom X 9 features a precision milled solid stainless steel face

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Both offer unbelievable forgiveness, but in this category the Odyssey Eleven edges it, with it being one of the most forgiving putters on the market. The company has achieved this via the combination of the face insert and the higher MOI, which means the Eleven is more forgiving on off-centre strikes, as well as being helped by the larger footprint. We thought that this perhaps lends itself more to the mid handicapper who isn’t consistent at finding the sweet spot, especially on putts from distance when the stroke gets longer. 

With regards to the Scotty Cameron, it is still a fantastic performing putter, but the relatively smaller size and difference in construction means this putter isn’t quite as forgiving as the Odyssey. In testing, we found it does still offer enough resistance to twisting for the lower handicapper you could argue this putter is aimed at. Plus, there are other larger models in the Phantom X range that offer greater forgiveness. 


There isn't much to separate the two when it comes to performance, as both perform commendably over a range of different length putts. Starting with the Odyssey, we see its stability from the lightweight TPU and aluminium under-body, with heavyweight steel weights increasing your margin for error.

Odyssey Eleven putter

The Odyssey Eleven continues the larger headed mallet shape shown in the Odyssey 2-Ball Ten putter

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Because of the increased stability, it leaves you to focus more on the line than the pace. As a result it was prolific from short range but lag putting also seemed easier, meaning you should save shots on the greens.

The Scotty Cameron also feels very well-balanced, with the most notable aspect being the way it flows through the swing. Over time, it should help your timing and tempo. What's more, the speed off the face allows you to adopt a controlled stroke and it noticeably holed out especially well from the 6-10 foot range.

Overall Appeal

If you are after a premium performing putter, then both are superb options. If money is no object, then the Scotty Cameron X9 has a little more pizazz about it. For us, the feel off the face alone is enough to consider the hefty investment, not to mention the elegant silver mist finish and the way the grip enhances feel and control. 

Coming in at a lower cost, the Odyssey is a user-friendly mallet that provides visual choice and more high-tech vibes when you factor in the stock Stroke Lab shaft. The lower price point is attractive, as is the variety of hosel options available to suit different stroke types.

Which should you choose?

Choose the Scotty Cameron Phantom X 9 if…
- You prefer a more compact mallet shape
- You don't mind having limited alignment assistance
- You want a putter that produces a firmer, more solid feel at impact 

Choose the Odyssey Eleven if...
- You want a putter that inspires more confidence at address
- You want alignment options to choose from
- You prefer a slightly softer feel and quieter sound