Best GPS Watches For Ladies

See our guide on the GPS watches that will appeal to ladies

best gps watches for ladies
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­­Wearable technology has evolved considerably over recent years and GPS golf watches now offer an impressive amount of detailed information that could previously only be found on handheld devices. Simplicity is the biggest plus point of a GPS watch, as you can quickly glance at your wrist when you reach the ball, rather than faff around with a rangefinder or GPS device.

When deciding on which GPS watch to buy, it’s best to firstly consider the number of features that you are likely to use. Modern day GPS watches have the ability to tell you basic yardages to the green, distances to hazards and carry, there’s shot tracking and analysis, green mapping and much more.

Generally, ladies need to forsake looks if they want an exceptional in-built caddie on their wrist, as the majority of GPS watches are fairly chunky and masculine looking. However, brands have improved overall styling and comfort to make the options appealing to male and female players. For ladies that also lead an active lifestyle away from the golf course, many leading brands have introduced watches that include fitness tracking features.

These are our picks of the best, but we also recommend checking out our guides on the best golf laser rangefinders, best golf launch monitors, and the best smart phone for golfers should you be looking to expand your arsenal of golf gadgets.

Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

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Stylish design and a smaller size that is more suitable for ladies

RRP : £269.99/$299.99
Courses preloaded : 42,000
Battery life: 15 hours
Screen size: 3cm
Weight: 43g
Straps: Three
Reasons to buy
+Premium look+Feature-packed including fitness tracking
Reasons to avoid
-Will take a couple of rounds to get used to all available features

Garmin is a brand that leads the way in wearable technology, and whilst there are different models to choose from, the smaller size and well-rounded features of the Approach S42 make it a popular choice for ladies.

A premium look without a premium price tag, it’s well made and comes pre-loaded with more than 42,000 courses worldwide and 15 hours of battery life. Front, middle and back yardages are displayed on the 1.2-inch colour screen, which is exceptionally clear, and scrolling through the menu is straightforward.

If you know the pin locations, it’s possible to move the flag on the touchscreen for an exact yardage, and when used in conjunction with the Garmin Golf app, AutoShot technology allows you to track and record shot distances. That’s not all, you can also track your number of steps, distance, calories and how you slept.

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Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch

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Shot Scope G3 GPS Watch

Has all the basic features you need to gain accurate yardages

RRP: £149.99
Courses preloaded: 35,000
Battery life: 10+ hours
Weight: 41g
Reasons to buy
+Loads of features for a lower priced watch+Simple to use 
Reasons to avoid
-Better players might want to opt for the Shot Scope V3 model for shot analysis

Shot Scope is an industry leader in shot tracking technology, but the G3 GPS watch is for those ladies that simply want to know accurate yardages.

It has a slim and exceptionally lightweight profile, so compared with many other GPS watches on the market, it doesn’t look as clunky on a smaller wrist. Given that ladies like to coordinate outfits and accessories, it also has interchangeable straps that are available in black, red, grey or teal.

With just two clearly labelled buttons on each side and an easy-to-read full colour screen, this watch allows you to quickly navigate your way around the course. Dynamic distances are shown to the front, middle and back of greens, and you can not only check the yardage to a hazard but the distance you need to hit your shot to carry it. It comes with 36,000 pre-loaded courses and once charged, it has a battery life in excess of 10 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

(Image credit: Samsung)

One of the most stylish and feminine-looking GPS watches

RRP : £299.99/$319.99
Courses preloaded: 40,000
Battery life: 60 hours
Screen size: 3.45cm
Weight: 30g
Straps: Three
Reasons to buy
+Attractive and neat styling+Provides plenty of detailed hole information
Reasons to avoid
-Time consuming to set up

Compared with the other GPS watches in this guide, the lightweight Galaxy Active 2 Pink Edition stands out as it has a more feminine style with a light pink bezel that is complemented by a white and pink strap.

It comes pre-loaded with the Smart Caddie app pre-installed and with a lifetime subscription worth £76. This does mean that you have to invest time in setting up the watch before use, but it’s worth the wait.

The Dual Arc feature provides detailed information to the front, centre and back of the green, and putting surfaces can be read using the Green Undulation feature.

You can receive incoming emails and it also doubles up as a fitness watch and monitors your health, keeping an eye on your heart rate by sending an alert when it goes above or below normal levels.

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SkyCaddie LX5C GPS Watch

(Image credit: SkyCaddie)

Boasts the largest and brightest screen for exceptional detail

RRP: £299.95/$299.95
Courses preloaded: 35,000
Battery life: Up to two rounds
Screen size: 3.5cm
Weight: 65.2g
Straps: One
Reasons to buy
+Hole maps are ground verified on foot+Impressive hole maps with in-depth detail
Reasons to avoid
-Membership fee required after 3 years-Its size does mean that ladies might find it bulky to wear

It’s fair to say that the SkyCaddie LX5C GPS watch is designed for the more serious lady golfer, it’s certainly not a fashion statement, but it has an abundance of features to allow pinpoint accuracy to help save shots.

SkyCaddie's LX5 model has the same performance benefits as the LX5C, the only difference is the LX5C has a hard-wearing, scratch-resistant ceramic bezel, so it will retain that ‘new’ look for longer.

At 1.39”, it has the largest and brightest colour touchscreen on the market. The overall size of this watch does mean that it’s a little chunky to wear, but ladies will be happy to sacrifice its appearance for the impressive performance benefits on offer.

The main Big Numbers screen displays front, middle and back distances to the green, but you can easily swipe in different directions to see a map of the hole, the hazards that lie ahead, IntelliGreen gives you close-up details and yardages for every green, plus you can enter your score or measure your shot distance.

Ladies might want to make use of the fitness features of the LX5C on and off the golf course as it can keep a check on your heart rate and steps and distance walked.

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Bushnell ION Edge GPS Watch

(Image credit: Bushnell)

Excels in simplicity to use and comes with a wide array of features

RRP: £169.99/$149.99
Courses preloaded: 38,000
Battery life: 16+ hours
Screen size: 2.7cm
Weight: 32.5g
Straps: Two
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable to wear+Easy to read touchscreen
Reasons to avoid
-Touchscreen could be more responsive

There is not much to dislike about the look of the Bushnell ION Edge GPS watch, it has a pretty sleek design with a soft, black strap, and it’s not too heavy. Without an instruction manual, to save faffing around and using guesswork on the golf course, it’s best to learn how to use it properly beforehand via the Bushnell website.

It comes with a free to download Bushnell Golf app for automatic updates to more than 38,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide. Once it’s switched on, you have to swipe the touchscreen display up and down, or left and right to access a variety of features.

Auto-hole advance moves you from one hole to the next, providing you with front, middle and back distances to the green. If basic distances are all you’re after, there is no need to fiddle with the watch during the round unless you want to use the moveable flag function that locates pin positions for a more accurate distance to the flag, or use the in-built scorecard.

It excels in battery life, at least 15 hours, so a minimum three rounds can be played before the need to recharge.

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Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

(Image credit: Shot Scope)

Provides GPS distances plus the option to track shots for analysis

RRP: £209.99
Courses preloaded: 36,000
Battery life: Two plus rounds
Screen size: 3.4cm
Weight: 41g
Straps: Four
Reasons to buy
+Combines GPS distances with shot tracking+Comfortable soft rubber strap
Reasons to avoid
-Opt for the Shot Scope G3 model if you are not interested in tracking shots

Shot Scope’s V3 GPS watch has all the features you need to navigate your way seamlessly around the golf course. It’s pre-loaded with 36,000 courses and once charged, it has a battery life in excess of 10 hours.

Dynamic distances are shown to the front, middle and back of greens, and you can not only check the yardage to a hazard but the distance you need to hit your shot to carry it.

In addition there is the option to track shots and compare stats to help develop your game. This is achieved when the watch is in In GPS + Performance Tracking mode, and it will automatically detect shot locations using tags placed in the tops of your grips.

With just two clearly labelled buttons on each side and an easy-to-read full colour screen, this watch allows you to quickly navigate your way around the course and makes decision making simpler.

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TAG Heuer Connected Golf Edition

(Image credit: TAG Heuer)

A luxurious caddie on your wrist

RRP : £2,100
Courses preloaded: 40,000
Battery life: 24 hours
Screen size : 3.5cm
Weight: N/A
Straps: Nine
Reasons to buy
+Swish styling +Bright and detailed display
Reasons to avoid
-Very expensive for a GPS golf watch

Ladies need no introduction to luxury watch brand TAG Heuer and the refined details and finishes of this third generation GPS watch make it one of the best looking on the market.

The white rubber strap has green stitching and a texture that resembles the pattern on a golf ball. Ladies can switch up their look as the interchangeable system means that you can buy additional styles in durable rubber which complement the core steel bracelet option.

It’s ultra-lightweight and the matte black ceramic bezel features 18 engraved and lacquered graduations that serve as reference for performance at each hole.

For this latest edition, the crown is flanked by two functional pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock that can be used alongside the TAG Heuer Golf app to record your shots and shot distance with optimal precision in action.

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GolfBuddy Aim W11 GPS Golf Watch

(Image credit: GolfBuddy)

Great functionality at an affordable price

RRP: £249.99/$249.99
Courses preloaded: 40,000
Battery life: 13 hours
Screen size : 3.3cm
Weight: 50g
Straps: Two
Reasons to buy
+Easy-to-read display+Takes you seamlessly from hole to hole
Reasons to avoid
-Touchscreen can lag slightly

Compared with its predecessor, the W10, GolfBuddy’s Aim W11 has a more premium look due to its ceramic bezel. It also comes with two watch straps, one is plain black and the other is a patriotic red, white and blue.

At 50g, it is rather weighty and will take some getting used to, but it is packed with features at an affordable price. It comes fully charged so you’re ready to go, even if it’s raining as it’s fully waterproof. The W11 is pre-loaded with 40,000 courses, and the 13-hour battery life in Golf Mode will last you up to 3 rounds of golf.

Once the watch identifies the course you’re playing, it takes you effortlessly from hole to hole and even vibrates when you reach the next tee box. The 1.3” full colour touchscreen is easy-to-read and displays front, centre and back distances, as well as hazards, pin placement and hole layout.

It’s also possible to zoom in and out to get a better view around the green to see your distance from the pin and any hazards that might be lurking on the course, plus you can track shot distances.

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Garmin Approach S62 GPS Watch

(Image credit: Garmin)

Feature-packed, even adjusts to allow for elevation changes and wind speed.

RRP: £479.99/$499.99
Courses preloaded : 41,000
Battery life: 20 hours
Screen size: 3.3cm
Weight: 61g
Straps: Two
Reasons to buy
+Modern yet simple styling+Doubles as an excellent sports watch with fitness tracking
Reasons to avoid
-Chunkier to wear than Garmin's S42 model

The Approach S62 is Garmin’s top of the range watch, it is super stylish and packed with a host of features. For ladies, it is chunkier looking than the Approach S42, but with plenty of fitness tracking options, this is an accomplished sports watch that can be worn day-to-day. Whilst on the move, you can even receive emails and texts.

Hole details are easy to read on the full-colour screen and the large display is useful when using Green View, the feature that moves the pin position for more accurate distances.

As well as viewing front, middle and back yardages, you can check distances to hazards and the Approach S62 also offers adjusted distances to allow for elevation changes and wind speed. Pair the watch with the Garmin Golf app and it will collect your stats, so the next time you play, the in-built caddie function has the ability to club you based on your shot history.

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Garmin Approach S12 GPS Watch

(Image credit: Garmin)

Super easy to use and numbers are displayed in a big size

RRP: £179.99/$199.99
Courses preloaded: 42,000
Battery life : 30 hours
Screen size: 2.3cm
Weight: 34g
Straps: Three
Reasons to buy
+Big Numbers is a great feature+Superb value for the information on offer
Reasons to avoid
-Less easy to navigate through options versus touch screen watches

For an entry level watch, the Garmin Approach S12 is right up there with the best, as it has fantastic usability from the get go when loading up one of the 40,000 courses.

The display screen is clear and provides the usual yardages to front, middle and back of the green, but in addition it provides information on distances to bunkers, water hazards, lay-up yardages, and there’s the option to move the flag around for even greater accuracy.

Ladies with failing eyesight will appreciate the Big Numbers mode, as well as the sunlight-readable dial, as these combined features help to add to a stress-free round. The measure-shot feature captures how far you’ve struck the ball, and by way of contributing to help improve your game, you can log your scores and some stats after each hole to analyse performance.

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