Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch 2022

We look at some of the best golf apps for Apple Watch so you can get the most out of your wearable tech

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch
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Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is one of the most popular wearable tech devices in the world. One of the best ways to use your Apple Watch out on course is through the use of a great golf app. Whether it's automatic shot tracking or to give you GPS yardages, there are loads of ways to use your Apple Watch to its fullest on the golf course and, in this handy guide, we've explained the best way how golfers can get the most out of their Apple watch.

You can also check out of guide on the best golf apps for iPhone if you don't have an Apple Watch, which also features some of the best golf games you can enjoy. Alternatively, if you're after even more reliable yardages out on course, check out our guide on the best on the best golf laser rangefinders or best golf GPS devices and best golf watches.

Apple watch series 7 with blue strap

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Apple Watch Series 7

The Latest Apple Watch Model


Price: $399/£350
Sizes: 41mm or 45mm
Storage: 32GB
Waterproof: Up to 50 meters

Reasons to buy

Large display
Golf apps don't drain it's battery too much
Subtle design means it doesn't inhibit your golf swing

Reasons to avoid

18-hour battery life is limited 

The best golf apps for Apple Watch are no use if you don't have an Apple Watch in the first place! This is the latest Apple Watch series and, according to a vast majority of online reviews, the best Apple Watch (opens in new tab) yet. 

It’s not a major upgrade over the Apple Watch 6 (opens in new tab) in terms of features, but it does have a larger display in new Apple Watch 7 sizes. For the first time, the Apple Watch comes in 41mm and 45mm versions, complementing the large screen. The large screen makes for using the best golf apps a really pleasant experience. 

Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch


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Arccos Caddie App


Price: Free
In-App Purchases Available?: No

Golf’s first Artificial Intelligence platform, the Arccos Caddie app syncs with Arccos Caddie sensors to automatically track your shots while delivering Smart Distance club averages and game insights. The system also includes an A.I. powered GPS rangefinder and caddie advice for any hole on earth to help golfers of all skill levels make smarter decisions, improve faster and shoot lower scores.

You'll need a set of Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors to use this app, but once they are paired up you should quickly see how much A. I. and data can help you work on your golf game and see where you can improve.

Using this app on your Apple Watch is a breeze and the watch will automatically detect each shot. It will then also display a front, middle and back yardage to the green ahead as well as suggest which club you should hit for you next shot. 

Download here (opens in new tab)

VPAR golf app screenshots

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Cost: Free
In-App Purchases Available?: Yes

VPar is the go-to app for live scoring, GPS for 30,000 courses, stat tracking and challenges. The app allows you to set up live leaderboards and tournaments with your friends, a brilliant feature that can enhance your weekly roll-up or society and, in this day and age, is a great solution from having to handle and swap a scorecard.

On Apple Watch, this app displays accurate front, middle and back yardages as well as the ability to log your score from the convenience of your watch. It also allows you to track your stats like driving accuracy, greens in regulation and putts to help you gauge what part of your game needs improving.

This is the must app for any day out with a group of friends. We liked it so much we also added it to our list of the best golf GPS apps too. 

Download here (opens in new tab)

Tag Heuer golf app screenshots

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TAG Heuer Golf App


Cost: Free
In-App Purchases Available?: Yes

This tracks your rounds and offers you the chance to get a 3d flyover of the thousands of courses available. It’s easy to use and you can get yardages to the green and any trouble as well as real-time club recommendations.

You can also get definitive feedback on your shot distances so when you crunch a drive you can quickly work out exactly how far you’ve just hit it. So, when you get a carry two holes later, you’ll have a very good idea of how far the driver is travelling. Should you update to the premium you can enjoy on-device scoring, and keep the scores of four of your golfing pals and look after all the Stableford scores.

Download here (opens in new tab)

Hole 19 golf app screenshots

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Hole 19 Golf GPS & Scorecard App


Cost: Free
In-App Purchases Available?: Yes

All your scores in one place and a great all-round addition to your golfing gadgets. This looks after score keeping, yardages, stats and checking out courses in advance and it will cost you nothing. The furthest most of us get after a round is to make a note of how many putts we take - now it’s all there in front of us to know where the real good and bad bits of our game are. 

On Apple Watch, Hole 19 provides clear and accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of the green as well as allow you to score and measure how far each of your shots goes. 

Download here (opens in new tab)

Screenshots of the Golf Shot app

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Golfshot: Golf GPS + AR App


Cost: $99.99
In-App Purchases Available?: Yes

The Golfshot app now features a one off purchase price to use all its features, rather than the Lite and Pro version that was previously available. 

Golfshot brings to you Auto Shot Tracking with Apple Watch. The app automatically tracks every shot you take that features a more seamless experience complete with flyover review of each hole. 

Get the most comprehensive and powerful set of GPS features to play your best golf while managing your game all in one place. Enjoy real-time distances to the green, hazards and targets on over 40,000 courses worldwide along with rich scoring and shot tracking, detailed statistics, entire course flyover previews and club recommendations.

In-app purchases include monthly subscriptions to lessons and other great golf content to help further your game. 

How we test golf Apps

When it comes to product testing, our reviews and buyers' guides are built upon a rigorous testing procedure as well as the knowledge and experience of the test team. Product reviews on golf applications are carried out by all members of the Golf Monthly team. All of our writers are able to efficiently test the vast majority of the biggest product releases while conveying the pros and cons of each item eloquently. Getting into specifics, we test golf applications outdoors on premium golf courses with premium devices to get a thorough understanding on what features each application offers. 

Ultimately, we aim to be as insightful and honest as possible in our reviews, so it is important to acknowledge that no manufacturer can buy a good review. This is because our team tells it how it is. To learn more about our testing methodology, see our guide on how Golf Monthly tests products (opens in new tab)

What to consider when downloading a golf app

Golf apps come in all different types, so it can be hard to figure out which app you need to help you improve your performance on the course. We've set out a few things to consider when downloading a golf app. 

1. Price

A lot of golf apps can cost money and some even operate via a subscription payments system. Some don't come cheap either, so its always wise to check on the price of the application you're downloading and whether the features it can provide you are of sound quality. 

2. Pairing with hardware

You may often want to link a certain app up to a piece of hardwear you have, like a launch monitor or a GPS Watch. It's always wise to check the compatibility of that device to the application you're downloading before you go ahead and download the app. Its also important to make sure that you know what hardware you need to buy before you download an app to use it correctly. 

3. Data and battery usage

Some apps can chew through a lot of your data and battery life on the course. That can often be a pain if you need to use your phone after your round or don't always have a lot of data to play with. For that reason, it's good to check with each app how much data and battery life they use before you download them. 

4. Course coverage

If you're looking for an app that will provide you with GPS views of the course and hole you are playing, then make sure to check how many golf courses that app covers and whether it covers golf courses in your country. While some apps profess to give GPS locations on thousands of courses around the world, they can sometimes miss a few out. So be sure to check the coverage of the GPS on the app and its reliability. 

For more information on golf GPS technology and equipment, take a look at our guides on the best golf GPS watches (opens in new tab), best golf launch monitors (opens in new tab), and best GPS apps (opens in new tab)


Are golf apps worth it?

Depending on the app you're downloading, they can be seriously worth it and can help players with strategy, distances and recording scores. Sometimes apps can be expensive though, so only use them if they meet your needs as a golfer. 

Can you record your score on a golf smartwatch?

Yes! Most smartwatches with golf apps installed will record your score and calculate it relative to your handicap. They can also show you stock yardages of your clubs, map out each shot you've played, and help you figure out how far away from the green you are. 

Is it annoying to wear a smart watch and play golf?

Some golfers can find having things like smart watches attached to their wrists while they play a little annoying. But for many, playing with a smartwatch is not annoying at all, in fact, the benefits these watches can offer can really help a player boost their performance on the course. 

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