Adidas Tour360 22 vs FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Adidas and FootJoy are two of the most recognised brands in the golf shoe market. In this piece, we take a look at some of their best models

Adidas Tour360 22 vs FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe
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Golf shoes are arguably some of the most under appreciated bits of equipment you can own. Think about it, shoes are one of the only pieces of equipment you use for every shot during a round - so it's vital you get the right pair. Two brands that produce the best golf shoes on the market are adidas and FootJoy, with the company's premium models ranking as some of the most comfortable golf shoes that money can buy, as well as being some of the most breathable golf shoes too.

For 2022, adidas released the adidas Tour360 22 shoe. Having introduced the world to the Tour360 range almost 20 years ago, the German brand has updated this year's model by going back to its original designs, analysing what made them work and implementing those ideas into the new model. Has it worked? Well, five stars out of five in our review certainly answers that!

FootJoy on the other hand is arguably the most recognised brand when it comes to golf shoes, with the company occupying a range of areas, producing some of the best budget golf shoes and best spiked golf shoes that money can buy. For this comparison piece, we are specifically looking at the Tour Alpha golf shoe which, like the Tour360, has a five star rating.

Although both received top marks in our review, what are the significant differences between the two and which one is better suited to your game? Here, we take a look. 

Adidas Tour360 22 vs FootJoy Tour Alpha Golf Shoe: Read our head to head verdict


Both models are stunning looking shoes and offer a range of colorways that will match any outfit out on the course. In our reviews, we ranked both as some of the most stylish and modern looking shoes on the market.

Starting with the Tour360s, the 2022 model has a few design touches that make them look slightly different to past models. We were big fans of the older Tour360s because of the classic look and three-stripe design. However, with the new model, adidas has found a way of incorporating some modern flourishes that really stand out. 

We tested the white, blue and orange model and were very impressed with the small splashes of color that give a totally unique style. Importantly though, adidas has not gone too far with the design, which features in five colorways. As well as the colors, there are multiple different models with even more adaptability available, making these some of the best adidas golf shoes on the market.

It's a similar story with the Tour Alpha as the shoe is on point from a visual aspect. During our test, we thought there was lots going on at the rear of the shoe, with extra depth at the back creating more cushioning for extra comfort. There are also more cleats positioned to the perimeter of the outsole, with the pods that house them sticking out slightly. However, this is not enough to distract you or put you off wearing them. 


Having looked at the shoe from the outside, we now move to the inside, with both pairs providing unbelievable fit and comfort. Arguably, comfort is the most important factor when it comes to a golf shoe and no-one wants their feet to ache after, or even during, a round of golf. 

Both have innovative technology that is designed to give you the most comfort during your game, with adidas featuring an array of elements like 'Feet You Wear Last', which was first introduced in 1996. The idea is that it mimics the natural shape of the foot and accommodates movement in all directions, even throughout the golf swing. 

Along with the 'Feet You Wear Last,' it also has a 'Dualstack Midsole' which, although you can't see it, helps support your forefoot and the arch of the foot. Finally, there is a 'Geofit Collar Pad' in the top of the shoe, as well as an 'Insite Sockliner' to the rear. Both are specifically designed to conform to your foot, giving you a more personalized and comfortable fit which we really noticed during testing.

FootJoy (opens in new tab) has also introduced technology to provide comfort, with a snug fit really encapsulating the foot evenly without pinching in any areas. On testing, we felt completely locked in, almost like the shoe was an extension of our foot. This meant it set us up perfectly for powerful swings with control.

The reason for this incredible amount of comfort is due to an 'Ortholite Impressions FitBed' that molds to the shape of your foot. It also provides support and stability through a 'Proprietary TruFit System and Dual-Durometer FTF+ Foam midsole', something that we noticed straight away upon testing.


So, after top marks in the looks and comfort department, how did the shoes perform out on the course? The answer, very well! Both provided ample grip and remained in pristine condition, making them very durable. Both rank amongst the best spiked golf shoes on the market. This is thanks to them having smartly designed cleat patterns on the sole that maximise grip in even the wettest conditions.

Starting with the FootJoy's, when you pick them up for the first time, you can straight away tell that they are packed full of technology. Noticeably, they feel surprisingly light for a performance cleated shoe but, more importantly, the connection with the ground is very strong. Much of this comes down to the clever design of the outsole, with nine cleats scattered around the edge and lots of quite sharp smaller nubs in between, getting down into the ground with ease.

FootJoy Tour Alpha Shoe testing

The FootJoy Tour Alpha Shoe in action

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In testing, it gave us confidence and the ability to swing full tilt in the knowledge that our feet would stay locked in position. Another impressive aspect is that the heel feels cupped which certainly seemed to help us manage aggressive weight transfer in the downswing. In fact, anyone that requires more support from their shoe will really enjoy and benefit from the structure that the Tour Alpha is able to provide.

With the Tour360s, we tried the shoes out in dry, damp and wet conditions and overall there was a good amount of grip. The grip comes from cleats that are directly injected into the base of the shoe which means you won't ever have to worry about losing them. This is an extremely clever design touch and, combined with a variety of spikes and traction elements, it really gripped us into the ground. 

adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

The sole of the adidas tour360 22 golf shoe

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The last section surrounds whether the shoes are waterproof or not. Certainly it's a factor that is very important. How many times have you been playing in what you thought were waterproof shoes to find out your socks are soaked through?

Although these may not rank on our best waterproof golf shoes list, they are certainly very good performers, with both demonstrating waterproof qualities whilst out on the golf course.

Adidas has provided a premium rich leather in their Tour360, which is 100 percent waterproof, plus you get a one-year waterproof warranty as well which provides peace of mind. What's more, the company has also incorporated recycled materials into the design to continue the brand's goal of ending plastic waste. 

During testing of the FootJoy's, we found the waterproof protection kept our feet bone dry during testing, even in damp conditions. Like the adidas', the Tour Alphas also feature a one-year warranty, with a ChromoSkin providing the protection.

Which one should you choose

Choose the adidas Tour360 22 if…
- You are looking for a shoe that offers a unique style
- You want a shoe that matches an array of different outfits and styles
- You are after a shoe that provides superb grip in wet and windy conditions

Choose the FootJoy Tour Alpha if...
- You want a shoe that gives a snug fit and protection
- You are after a shoe that is more lightweight than its competitors
- You are wanting a shoe that means you can give 100% commitment to each shot

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