Golf Gift Ideas: What To Consider When Buying A Golf Present

When choosing a golf gift there are so many things to consider. So we have tried to make it easier for you.

Golf Gift Ideas
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Golf Gift Ideas: What To Consider When Buying A Golf Present

You certainly do not lack for choice when choosing a golf gift for that special someone - or just that for that chap from accounts who you have never really spoken to but you have drawn in the secret Santa and all you know about them is that they like golf? So how exactly can you narrow down the choice? We have put together some key questions that you need to consider when buying a present form the world of golf.

Golf Gift Ideas: What To Consider When Buying A Golf Present


The most basic thing to consider when choosing a golf gift is budget. It determines what you should be looking at and thankfully in golf there are a wide variety of pieces of gear to go for, that come at a variety of budgets. As such it is worth you thinking about how much you want to spend on your golf gift, because if you want to go for high-end golf clubs, that will probably come with a large price tag, whereas if you are buying for a secret Santa, then perhaps opt for an accessory of some kind instead. Of course if you are buying for the other half, then perhaps try and get a gauge on price limits before searching. 

For Fun?

Choosing a golf gift can be fun even for the non golfer. There are plenty of funny golf gifts which are practical yet amusing. Many of these are also things that they may use in their daily life not just out on the course. Obviously this requires you to know what kind of things they find funny, or perhaps you just want to make yourself laugh?


Many places will print a message of your choice on the golf balls they sell. Or you could get a personalized golf scorecard holder, or perhaps some novelty golf socks with a message of your choice. The personalization may cost a little bit more but it is a great way of making the gift a touch more personal. In golf balls Titleist, TaylorMade and Vice offer comprehensive services on their websites as you can see below. There are also countless websites that offer personalization on other accessories too.

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Standard Of Player?

Golf equipment is increasingly being designed for different types of player so the question to answer here is, what standard of golfer are they? The top golfer wants a set of clubs they can maneuver the ball with. 

But the beginner wants a set of clubs that make it easier to hit the ball straight. Someone new to the game would probably want a set of clubs designed to help the more inexperienced player to get the ball off the ground and straight. This is not just clear for golf clubs, balls are the same because they are also designed to help different types of player. A Titleist Pro V1 may seem the best ball out here, but your friend starting out in golf may find another golf ball easier to play with.

Similarly if you’re choosing a golf gift for an older player, equipment designed for senior players may be the most appropriate. Acknowledging this, try and find out where they are in their golfing journey so you can get them something that will help them get better, and not leave them struggling because the club or ball has not bee designed for someone at their level.

Gift Cards?

Choosing a golf gift can be tricky - (thankfully we have created a comprehensive guide on the best golf gift cards). Plenty of stores and online retailers offer golf gift cards in a variety of denominations. Sometimes the only way to ensure the golfer in your life has the golfing gift they really want is to let them choose it for themselves. Importantly there are sites that offer cards at different price points so this of course links with the above point about budget.

Mag Subscription?

A golf magazine subscription such as, well to pluck one at total random*, Golf Monthly, would give the recipient 13 presents a year. You might even like to give it as a present to yourself – we are sure you deserve it – as it is a cheaper way to buy it than from the newsstands every four weeks. Handier, too.

*We may have fibbed slightly here.

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