Funny Golf Gifts 2022

Looking for funny golf gifts that are both practicable and amusing for someone in your life who plays golf? Look no further!

Funny Golf Gifts
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Best Funny Golf Gifts

Looking for a few novelty gifts for your playing partners? Well, we've got you covered and have chosen some of the best funny golf gifts that have caught our eye recently for their combination of cleverness, practicality and fun. From golf ball bottle openers to glow-in-the-dark golf balls, there are a ton of fun and cool presents out there you can pick up for you golf-obsessed friends. While some of the items on the list below are pretty hilarious if we may say so ourselves, if you're looking for something a little less quirky, then check out some of our other gift guides on our site. Our best gifts for golfers guide or perhaps our best gifts for men (opens in new tab) guide may have what you want, or best golf gifts for women (opens in new tab) may be more appropriate or even best golf gifts for dads (opens in new tab) or our best golf gifts for sons (opens in new tab)

Best Funny Golf Gifts

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set, golf pen set, golf gifts

PGA Tour 3 Piece Golf Pen Gift Set

Perfect for the office, this packaged pen set is the perfect gift for any golf-obsessed co-worker. In this presentable gift box, you'll get three mini golf clubs, that double as ergonomic ballpoint pens. Taking off the grip reveals the pen nib, with each club or pen if you will coming in a different color. The driver is red; the iron black and the putter has blue ink. 

Golf-Club Style BBQ Tools Grilling Tools with Rubber Handle

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Golf Club Style BBQ Tools Grilling Tools

This seven-piece barbecue kit includes a golf-club style barbecue spatula, power tongs, grill fork, silicone basting brush and salt & pepper shakers in the style of golf balls. It comes in a storage bag, designed to look like a golf bag, which makes it handy to pack away all the pieces to take on your travels. The pieces have rubber grips designed to look like golf grips. Unlike how we would advise you to clean your golf clubs (opens in new tab), these items are all dishwasher safe and made from stainless steel, meaning they are both durable and are unlikely to get stained.  

Golf Ball Ice Holder

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Golf Ball Ice Molds

Taking staying cool on the greens to the next level, this golf ball ice maker is the ultimate addition to your drinks cabinet. Create sophisticated cocktails for your post round tipple using this ice maker, or even use it to keep your drinks cold on the course and don't worry about the container leaking! It's sturdy plastic construction features a leak proof design that will keep the water locked into the mold and tucked into your ice tray easily.

The Golf Mug

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Ginger Fox Novelty Golf Mug

The great gift for anyone who cant stop thinking about golf at work, this novelty golf putting mug will keep you putting, chipping and tapping the ball around at your desk. Yes we said chipping too! Tilt the mug on its side and you can practice your accuracy with the small metal club that comes with the mug, getting the ball into the bottom of the mug. But if you're struggling with your putting, you can also slide the ball through the tunnel under the mug. While this is one of the best mugs on this list, check out our guide on the best golf mugs and bottles (opens in new tab) for more excellent cups and mugs.  

Golf Ball Bottle Opener

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Golf Ball Bottle Opener

This bottle opener has a genuine golf ball as the handle part. Into the ball has been drilled a slim stainless steel bottle opener. It comes in its own gift box which makes it an ideal present or as an amusing gift for a golf day (opens in new tab)

GoSports Golf- Light Up LED Balls

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GoSports Golf Light Up LED Balls

The perfect present for the player that's constantly playing from the rough, these light-up golf balls will help you find your shot from the bushes. Each pack includes three white, three green, three red and three blue impact-activated LED golf balls. These balls will only fly about two-thirds of the length of a standard ball. So they could make for a fun evening competition on a par-3 course or perhaps for a spot of back-garden chipping? Each ball has a built-in battery which will last about 35 hours.

Golf Ball Shot Glasses

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Golf Ball Shot Glasses

Know a golfer who loves to party? These excellent golf ball shot glasses are the perfect gift for their drinks cabinet. They come in the same shape and size as a golf ball and are made of hand blown glass that holds 1.5 OZ of alcohol. They are durable, high quality and are a fantastic accessory to break out after your round, you will not be disappointed with these glass shot glasses. 

Best Golfer Donald Trump Coffee Mug

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Best Golfer Donald Trump Coffee Mug

How can we seek to trump our previous suggestions – why with the man himself, the 45th President of the United States. There is a long tradition of US presidents being golfers. It was estimated that Woodrow Wilson played more than 1,000 rounds of golf during his eight years in office, even playing in the snow with golf balls that were painted black. Ronald Reagan was playing at Augusta National when a gunman took hostages in the pro shop and demanded to speak to the President. Ronald Reagan phoned the gunman from the 16th green but things did not go according to plan (opens in new tab), President Eisenhower was a member at Augusta and gave his name to both the Eisenhower Cabin (opens in new tab) and the Eisenhower Tree (opens in new tab) there. If you're a Trump fan, why not also take a look at our guide on what golf courses Donald Trump owns (opens in new tab)

Fairly Odd Novelties FON-10179 Drinking Game

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Fairly Odd Novelties Drinking Game

This comes complete with a felt-topped putting surface game board, two putters, two metal golf balls, one flag – the number on it is, appropriately enough, 19 – six 1.75 US fluid ounce shot glasses and even a bag of sand for the sand trap. The rules of the game are that you have to follow the instructions on the side of the shot glass holder relating to the number of strokes it took you to hole the putt. Perhaps one of the best boozy gifts for fathers day (opens in new tab), this gift will have you syncing putts and syncing shots all night. 

How to Play Golf Swing Swear Look for Ball Repeat Mug

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How To Play Golf Mug

This comes under the heading of ‘many a true word spoken in jest’ – at least we think it is spoken in jest. Many a golfer can relate to this, especially when hacking, or trying to hack, out of deep rough. The ceramic mug is microwave and dishwasher safe and is printed on both sides. We also really like the 'I'd rather be playing golf' series of mugs as well but check out our guide for more mugs and bottles (opens in new tab)

Beer Glass with Real Golf Ball Embedded, golf glass, golf beer glass

Beer Glass With Real Golf Ball Embedded

Some of the best funny golf gifts stand out and this beer glass with a golf ball embedded definitely does that. Each glass has been hand-sculpted in Lincolnshire and the company even lets you choose what make of premium golf ball you want to be embedded into the glass too. Simply message them with brand/model and they do the rest. Why not pick one from our best golf balls guide (opens in new tab).

Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses With Real Golf Ball in Coaster

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Golf Ball Whiskey Glasses

What better way to toast a hole in one (opens in new tab), or a good round, or... well do you really need an excuse to bring these out? This glass and coaster sets are handmade in and the wooden coasters have a genuine golf ball embedded in them – this is one plugged lie any golfer may be happy to see. The glasses are made from borosilicate.

Partridge on a Par 3 book cover

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Partridge On A Par 3 Book

Mortimer Merriweather, a spoof creation of legendary journalist Clive Agran, has lots of ideas to improve golf. These are a collection of some of the letters he had written to the great and the good of the golfing world. The title comes from his letter to the British Trust of Ornithology. He points out that scores under par on a hole have bird names, but not those over par. He asks for their help in changing this. He suggests one over par should be a partridge as “It is a bit more than a par. In fact it is a -tridge more than par. And it will enable players who have scored four on a short hole to say ‘I had a partridge on the par 3’.”

What to consider when buying a funny golf gift

There are plenty of funny golf gifts on the market right now. But as there is so much to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to pick out the right gift for your playing partner, friend or family member. Here are our top tips on what to look out for in the best golf gifts.

1. Practicality

While funny golf gifts don't always need to be able to be used out on the course, sometimes the best gifts are those that perform a function and help the recipient in their daily life. From ball markers to pens, think about what the person needs and try to get them something they will use. 

2. Humour

Humour is everything in a funny golf gift, so think about the person you're buying the present for and try to make it as personal for them. Would they laugh if you bought them a Donald Trump golf mug, or would they find it funnier if you got them a glow-in-the-dark golf ball?

3. Budget

Some funny golf gifts can be pretty pricey, others meanwhile, can be very cheap. You might be able to pick up multiple gifts for a reasonable price. It's worth considering your budget when buying golf gifts as some can be quite expensive. 

4. Personalization

Getting an initial on a scorecard holder or a print on a set of golf balls always helps to make the present that little bit more personal for the recipient. Personalization (opens in new tab) can cost a little more, but for that you're adding more value to the present, and that may make it even more special or funnier if you're able to add a joke or funny message to the product you're purchasing. 

For more advice on great golf gifts you can buy for friends or loved ones, we've got plenty of options for you to browse in our guides on the best golf gifts (opens in new tab), best golf gift cards (opens in new tab), or our guide on best golf day gift ideas (opens in new tab).


Can I use a novelty golf gift during a round of golf?

Yes! If the gift serves a purpose you should be able to use it on the golf course. For example, novelty tees, ball markers and even novelty golf balls can all be used on the golf course, provided you don't slow down play. 

What can I get someone who likes golf?

Well, depending on your relationship with them, there are plenty of golf gifts out there you can purchase for them, from novelty putting surfaces to golf themed office supplies. Find them something they can enjoy out on the course and something that will make them laugh. 

How much should I spend on a golf present?

That depends on your budget, but there are plenty of options at all pricing points. One thing to note is that a lot of novelty golf gifts can come at a reasonable price so you could get several novelty gifts for the price of something a little more expensive!