One of the puzzles facing professional and amateur golfers alike is finding a line up of golf clubs that is perfectly tailored to the player’s own, individual game. With different physiques, swings and gear preferences our final specifications are all unique to us and what works for one player, almost certainly will not work for another.

At the start of the 2015 season, Poulter left Cobra to join Titleist and as such made major changes to the equipment he was using. In this exclusive, Ian Poulter In The Bag interview, the Englishman talks in-depth about the golf clubs he carries each week on tour. From driver to golf ball, he explains what he likes and why he’s made certain important choices.


Driver: Titleist 915 D2 9.5˚

“I’ve had this in the bag now for probably seven months. It’s 9.5˚ and the setting I currently use is D3. I like the design of having the recoil channel in the sole the reason being that I have always been against teeing the ball up too high. If I hit is slightly lower on the face I don’t lose any ball speed and I get my maximum distance.”

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Fairway woods: Titleist 915 F 15˚

“It is set up in a C4 configuration. The reason is that I am looking to carry the 3-wood 260 yards. This is the only 3-wood in the Titleist 915 range that I have tested. It’s the only one I have hit and it works. I have got an exact replica back up of it in case something happens to it or it doesn’t turn up to a tournament.”

Hybrids: Titleist 915 Hd 20.5˚ & 23.5˚

“With my 3-iron hybrid I am looking for 235 yards of carry. I go from a 3-iron to a 4-iron hybrid and for that I am after 220 yards of carry. Its not necessarily the rough that’s the big factor for me in the reason I use hybrids, it is the simple fact that I get extra height, I can get the maximum carry but I can get the ball stopping on the green quicker than I can with a 4-iron. I’ve done some testing with a 4-iron – it carries about 215 yards, but because I use the hybrid version it carries 220 yards. So it carries 5 yards more but stops a lot faster.

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