Ian PoulterIan Poulter turned professional in 1995. Since then Poulter has gone to claim 2 PGA Tour wins and 12 European Tour wins.

Birthday 10/01/1976

Birthplace Stevenage, England

Height 6 ft, 1 in

Best Results in Majors
Masters – 7th (2012)
US Open – 12th (2006)
Open Championship – 2nd (2008)
PGA Championship – 3rd (2012)

Ian Poulter loses PGA Tour card

English golfer, Ian Poulter, loses PGA Tour card for the first time since turning pro after missing the cut at the Texas Open last week.

Poulter Whats In The Bag 2

Irons: Titleist 714 CB (5&6), Titleist 714 MB (7-9) “I use the CB head in the 5 and 6-iron. The reasons for that is they are the two longest irons I carry. I like the look of the irons first and foremost but there is a little extra help in…

Poulter What's In The Bag 1

One of the puzzles facing professional and amateur golfers alike is finding a line up of golf clubs that is perfectly tailored to the player’s own, individual game. With different physiques, swings and gear preferences our final specifications are all unique to us and what works for one player, almost…