16 Of The Best Quotes From Full Swing

From hilarious to emotional to insightful, the opening season of Full Swing is littered with some incredible quotes

Rory McIlroy sits down in the locker room after winning the FedEx Cup
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Full Swing is live on Netflix, as the craziest year in golf gets documented with footage from the 2022 PGA Tour season and all of the four men's Majors.

The docuseries follows some of the sport's biggest names and gets to see them like never before, from exclusive interviews to car and private jet rides, home visits, behind-the-scenes access at tournaments and much more.

Each episode focusses on certain players and there's some excellent, insightful and just downright hilarious quotes throughout. Here we list some of our favorites from the series, in order of the episodes...

Justin Thomas - Episode 1: Frenemies

"This sport is freaking brutal. How quickly you can fall off and just not be who you were anymore."

Justin Thomas with a quote overlayed

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Justin Thomas comes out with this great line following his poor third round at the PGA Championship where he nearly played himself out of the tournament. Luckily for him, it goes full 180 the next day where he comes back from a seven-stroke deficit to win his second Major title.

It goes to show, though, that the pros sometimes struggle with their games just like us mere mortals.

Justin Thomas - Episode 1: Frenemies

"He's [Jordan Spieth is] one of my best friends, we're always gonna pull for each other but at the same time, I hope that I beat him in every single tournament that we play in for the rest of our life"

Full Swing screenshot of Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth on a private jet

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Thomas perfectly sums up the episode title of 'Frenemies' when describing Jordan Spieth as one of his best friends but also revealing he wants to beat him in every single tournament for the rest of their careers.

He says it with a smile on his face but he means it, and it's a great look at the ruthless mindset you need to be to success at the elite level.

Brooks Koepka - Episode 2: Win or Go Home

"Golf's so crazy because when you have it, you feel like you're never gonna lose it. And when you don't have it, you feel like you're never gonna get it."

Full Swing shot of Brooks Koepka putting on his carpet at home

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Brooks Koepka's episode shows him in the midst of a crisis of confidence where he is desperate to get back to winning again after a period of injuries and poor form.

He sums it up very well with this quote that all golfers who have been through good and bad patches of form can relate to.

Brooks Koepka - Episode 2: Win or Go Home

"That kid, I guarantee if you ask him what he's thinking about, he goes: 'Nothing.' The best player in the world doesn't have any damn thoughts in his head, so why would you, right? You're trying to be the best player in the world, so if Scottie ain't doing it, why the hell am I doing it?"

Brooks Koepka working out in the gym

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Brooks Koepka explains the mentality that the world's best golfer Scottie Scheffler probably had at that time, which is the complete opposite of his mindset.

Koepka was clearly thinking about technical thoughts, swing changes and all sorts on the course, all the while Scheffler was likely thinking about making birdies and shooting low scores.

Ian Poulter - Episode 3: Money or Legacy

"The best plus about missing the cut is you're going home to the family, you just don't want to miss the cut though. It's like, your job is not to waste time, be away from them for five days and not cover your expenses. It's like the ultimate worst feeling you can possibly have as a golfer. It's the worst feeling."

Ian Poulter looks on after hitting an iron shot

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The third episode, featuring Ian Poulter, has a number of great quotes including this one.

His words on missing the cut at the PGA Championship really hit home and perhaps go some way to explaining his move to the guaranteed riches of LIV Golf.

Ian Poulter - Episode 3: Money or Legacy

"Do bears s*** in the woods? Oh dear do you like playing in the Ryder Cup? Oh my god is the pope catholic?"

Ian Poulter in the trailer for the Netflix series Full Swing

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The Englishman hilariously answers the camera operator's question when asked whether he enjoys playing in the Ryder Cup. We'll take that as a yes then Ian.

Joel Dahmen - Episode 4: Imposter Syndrome

"I can't believe I'm getting emotional. That's how much I love Geno... And I hired him, obviously."

Joel Dahmen hits a tee shot at the US Open

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This epic quote from Joel Dahmen shows him fighting back tears when describing Geno Bonnalie's email when applying to be his caddie. It's a good illustration of the true brotherly love between the pair, who have been friends since their childhood days.

Geno Bonnalie - Episode 4: Imposter Syndrome

"Joel is definitely different to many of the other golfers out there. Joel is capable of being top 30 in the world I would say, that being said I don't know if Joel wants to be top 30 in the world."

Joel Dahmen and Geno Bonnalie at the Netflix Full Swing Premiere red carpet

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Some fascinating insight from Bonnalie on his player Joel Dahmen, who clearly has the ability to mix it with the world's best but doesn't quite believe in himself like the world's best do.

Dustin Johnson - Episode 5: American Dreams

"The decision to join LIV I mean it finally just came down to you know the offer that they made me. For me it was playing less, making more money. Pretty simple. Someone offers anyone a job, doing the same thing they're already doing but less time at the office and they're gonna pay them more. Pretty sure you're gonna take it. And something's wrong with you if you didn't."

Image of Dustin Johnson with a quote about why he joined LIV Golf written on top

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Dustin Johnson explains the exact reason why he joined LIV Golf - money. You have to respect his honesty.

Matt Fitzpatrick - Episode 5: American Dreams

"Ten million times better than I ever thought it would be. It's a validation of all the work I've put in through the years."

Matt Fitzpatrick holds up the US Open trophy at Brookline

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What does it feel like to win your first Major? "Ten million times better" than Matt Fitzpatrick ever thought. This came right at the end of a real heart-warming episode that concluded with his stunning US Open victory.

Tony Finau - Episode 6: Don't Get Bitter, Get Better

"My career means a lot to me, and at times I think we can mistake that it means everything."

Tony Finau and his family in the kitchen

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Tony Finau puts into perspective the game of golf in episode six, which is full of beautiful quotes, as he explains that family comes first for him amid difficult times for his wife, who had lost her father.

Tony Finau - Episode 6: Don't Get Bitter, Get Better

"The '97 Masters was so inspiring to me. I just remember everybody watching in complete awe of this Tiger Woods guy. And then I also recognised that this guy is the same skin color as I am."

Tony Finau and Tiger Woods shake hands after the 2019 Masters

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Yet another epic Tony Finau quote comes right at the start of Episode 6, where he explains the impact Tiger Woods had in getting him into the game.

Little did he know when watching him win the '97 Masters that 22 years later he'd be playing in the final group with Woods and have a front-row seat to watch him win his fifth Green Jacket.

Murli Theegala - Episode 7: Golf is Hard

"I was a big fan of golf because I saw Tiger Woods. I got hooked onto watching a lot on TV. Sahith would sit with me and watch it and I don't know when he got interested but one fine day when he said 'You want to go and hit some balls?' That's when I found out 'Oh he really loved that game.' First time when he won the Junior World then I knew, ''Oh this kid is special' so I knew that I need to do whatever it takes from my side to help him out."

Sahith Theegala and his dad pose for a photo at the 2022 WM Phoenix Open

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Sahith Theegala's dad explained how Tiger Woods got him into golf and that when it finally clicked that his son had potential to be special, there would be no way he wasn't going to do anything and everything in his power to help him achieve his dreams. A beautiful quote that I'm sure all parents will relate to.

Mito Pereira - Episode 7: Golf is Hard

"I f***** it up on the last hole man."

Mito Pereira looks down in disappointment

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The agony of losing a Major championship on the 72nd hole. This was a raw, on-course quote during competition that the Netflix cameras picked up after Mito Pereira had most likely just squandered his chance to win the PGA Championship.

Rory McIlroy - Episode 8: Everything has led to this

"F*** you Phil!"

McIlroy watches his tee shot whilst Phil Mickelson watches on

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Rory McIlroy clearly got across his distain for Phil Mickelson in the final episode of Full Swing, jokingly shouting "F*** you Phil" in the massage room after hearing that Josh Allen is a Mickelson fan. McIlroy then said he hoped that made it into the show, and of course it did.

Rory McIlroy - Episode 8: Everything has led to this

"He's always the first. Always. Like he'll text you before the last putt drops, always the first. He's unreal."

Rory McIlroy sits down in the locker room after winning the FedEx Cup

(Image credit: Netflix)

A superb clip comes right at the end of the series after McIlroy wins the FedEx Cup for the third time. He's sat in the locker room on his phone and reveals that Tiger Woods is always the first person to text him congratulations after a tournament victory, sometimes even texting before the winning putt has dropped.

You can watch Full Swing on Netflix now, with all eight episodes of season 1 available.

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