Ping i210 and i500 Irons Revealed - Everything you need to know about the new Ping i210 and i500 irons as well as the new Glide Forged wedge and Vault 2.0 Craz-E H putter


Ping i210 and i500 Irons Revealed

This summer, two new Ping irons will hit the shelves. While they both look fantastic, one has a focus on feel and precision while the other fits the mould of a players’ distance iron, providing speed and forgiveness in a compact package.

The i210 and i500 slot in between the compact iBlade and forgiving G400, offering slightly different looks and performance traits for the serious golfer.

The i500 is similar to G700 in that it has the look of a muscleback from behind but is in fact hollow.


It has a forged face made from the same C300 maraging steel as the G400 woods and G400 Crossover, which is extremely strong but also very flexible. As a result, it flexes at impact by two thirds of its own thickness, around five times as much as the face on the outgoing i200, for increased ball speed and distance.

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ping i500-insets

The top rail also has more movement to it as well, creating a hinge-like effect that meant Ping could strengthen the lofts while maintaining a high launch with low spin. Visually, i500 has a clean, players-style look with sharp edges and premium finishing details.

The i210 has more of a focus on feel and precision. It is more traditionally lofted (7-iron is 33°) and features added elastomer in contact with the face, which means it should feel much softer than i200.

It also boasts a cleaner look at address thanks to crisper edges and the loft number being removed from the face.

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Big changes have also been made to the pitching and utility wedge within the i210 set, as the grooves have now have a sharper edge radius and have been spaced closer together.


This leads to more friction with the ball as well as more moisture and dirt being displaced, resulting in more consistent distances.

Both irons comes in a lower-lofted Power Spec as well as a new, higher lofted Retro Spec for golfers with less of a focus on distance or who want to hit the ball higher.

They also benefit from a new Hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish, which offers longer-lasting wear and more scratch resistance as well as the improved turf interaction and water repellency characteristics that help reduce flyers from the rough.

The i500 is a hollow iron with a forged face

The i500 irons will have an RRP of £149 per club in steel shafts, £159 in graphite. The i210 irons will have an RRP of £126 per club in steel shafts, £136 graphite. Both go on sale from July 31st.

Ping has also launched a new Glide Forged wedge. Available in lofts 50-60°, this compact, tour-inspired model features a tungsten toe weight for feel and stability, a more rounded lead edge with more heel and toe camber and Ping’s Hydropearl Chrome 2.0 finish.

It will be available from July 31st with an RRP of £200.

Topping off a host of new Ping clubs is the new Vault 2.0 Craz-E H putter. ping-vault-2-craz-e-h-web

This heel-shafted mallet with an Anser-style hosel comes in Ping’s Stealth finish and features a stainless steel sole plate for stability, adjustable weights to fine-tune feel and TR grooves for a consistent roll. It will have an RRP of £275 from July 31st.