Golf Monthly's Ping iBlade irons review, a better player iron geared towards feel and distance control as well as workability

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ping iBlade irons


  • Ping seem to have packed a lot of forgiveness into a small clubhead design. A very sleek, workable prospect with excellent feel and distance control.


  • The slight increase in shaft length may require a period of adjustment. Some may notice the sound doesn’t quite match up with the soft feel.


Ping iBlade irons


Price as reviewed:

£130.00 (per club)

Clubhouse Golf

Key technology
Ping has used the largest Activated Elastomer ever behind the face, saving weight to aid forgiveness but also dampening more vibration to make the iron feel and sound better at impact. Heavier ‘near pure’ tungsten weights in the toe of the irons raises the MOI for improved forgiveness.

This is aided by the use of higher strength-to-weight ratio 431 steel, which allowed Ping to make the faces thinner for more speed and an extra six yards on average over S55. A Hydropearl chrome finish helps to repel water and a precision milled face provides more control in wet conditions.

Will suit
Low handicap golfers that want to hit their irons specific distances


GM Review

The iBlade is a much cleaner looking iron than S55. Much of the technology is hidden away creating a more blade-like appearance with a brushed satin finish. The slim topline and minimal offset appears no different than S55 at address, with iBlade perhaps having a slightly more rounded toe section.

Watch: Ping iBlade v Ping S55

Make no mistake, the iBlade irons are about precision and control for the better ball striker. They’re not for the faint hearted or inconsistent player – Ping has plenty of other models more suitable than iBlade. That said, the amount of forgiveness this club offers is surprisingly high given its size.

Workability is encouraged through the shape while distance control and consistent gapping comes from the changes Ping has made to the irons’ lofts. You may actually end up hitting your short irons slightly shorter and your long irons further but hopefully, this will provide more even gaps in carry distance from club to club and your dispersion with each will remain tight.

Thankfully with the extra distance in the long irons, you won’t lose out on a towering trajectory or stopping power as the launch angle and peak height over S55 increased if anything.

The amount of help Ping has packed into iBlade should come as no surprise as Ping really focus on making all its clubs as user-friendly as possible. The feel has also been taken up a notch, giving golfers a soft, crisp sensation at impact and excellent feedback on the strike as it glides cleanly through the turf.


The iBlade excels in all the areas of performance competent golfers prioritise – distance control, workability and a soft feel with forgiveness thrown in for good measure.