New Wilson Staff Duo Ball Range Revealed - The new Duo Soft+ and Optix range are said to combine performance with personality

New Wilson Staff Duo Ball Range Revealed

The Duo Soft+ replaces the DX2 Soft ball and features supercharged Velociticor technology, said to make it the softest and longest, 35-compression, two-piece golf ball on the market.

Wilson is also adding bolder and brighter red, yellow and green colours to its Optix range. Built with a smaller core and designed with a semi-translucent highly visible and colourful matte cover – which minimises sun glare off the cover at address – the new Duo Optix is longer and even brighter than the previous model to ensure the ball can be easily tracked in-flight or found on all types of ground.

“Wilson was the first brand to launch a low-compression Matte finish coloured ball and the Optix range has gone from strength to strength ever since,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation at Wilson Golf.

“The new colours are not only easier to see in all conditions, but the core and technology used ensures exceptional feel and straighter shots,” he added.

The three-piece, urethane-covered Duo Professional, available in white and four matte colours, remains in the range for 2020, ball with a 60-compression core for a super-soft feel.

The new Wilson Staff Duo ball offerings are on sale now with the following RRPs: Duo Soft+ £19.99, Duo Optix £19.99, Duo Professional £29.99 per dozen.