New Honma BERES Range Revealed

This super-premium range varies from £320 to £4,199 per club

New Honma BERES Range Revealed

This super-premium range promises enhanced performance for the slower swing golfer and varies in price from £329 to £4,199 per club

New Honma BERES Range Revealed

Honma, the Japanese brand that signed Justin Rose at the start of the year, is known for it’s super premium, exclusive clubs and this reputation will be enforced with the launch of the new BERES range.

Designed for golfers with slower swing speeds, the hand-crafted drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons are said to feature the finest components to ensure the club head and shaft work seamlessly together for greater consistency across the set.

Options range from 2 to 5-Star models graded on the technology and materials in the hand-rolled shafts, plus gold and platinum embellishments in the club heads. The clubs can be decorated from a wide palette of colour options and both the club heads and the shafts can be personalised with the name of the owner.

The BERES driver features a Maximum Speed Slot that reduces distance loss is reduced on heel and toe strikes strikes through a corrective gear effect.

Radial face insert technology provides extra strength and enlarges the sweet spot for added forgiveness. The driver also features a weight saving ultra-thin 811 Ti high strength body and crown, which lowers the CG for faster ball speeds without sacrificing accuracy.

Featuring a 7-axis design, the Metal Hybrid Armour Technology in the 2 to 5-Star shafts provides higher compression strength and an additional 5mm of counterbalance for increased swing speeds.

The 3, 4 and 5-Star ARMRQ shafts also incorporate Twist Fleuret Technology through the combination of the new high strength, high elasticity materials, which transfers energy from the player to the shaft and onto the club head more efficiently. Distance potential is said to increase with the grade of the shaft selected.

Carrying similar design features as the driver, the BERES fairway woods incorporate a speed slot across the sole, with evolved slots on the heel and toe to achieve tighter dispersions. A more rounded heel has improved turf interaction compared to previous models and lowered the CG for a piercing ball flight.

The BERES hybrid boasts a straight leading edge that helps with alignment, while the Maximum Speed Slot on the sole paired with a shallow design delivers a higher ball flight.

The new BERES irons feature a larger, lighter and thinner 3D optimized L-Cup face design that ensures a more rounded leading edge and improved feel, along with a new C-Cup structure wrapped around the toe that expands the sweet spot.

Surplus weight is allocated on the toe and back of the heel to increase MOI and ensure the CG is low and deep for more distance. A new, thinner ellipse face maximises face flexion and increases ball speed.

The BERES clubs are on sale now with the following RRP ranges per club depending on the shaft grade chosen: driver £799-£4,199, fairways £529-£4,199, hybrids £449-£4,199, irons £329-£4,199.