We get to know the Irishman's caddie in this piece.

Who Is Shane Lowry’s Caddie?

Irishman Shane Lowry became a Major winner in 2019 and has formed a formidable partnership with his caddie. But who exactly is his bagman? We take a look below.

Who Is Shane Lowry’s Caddie?

Lowry currently has Brian ‘Bo’ Martin on the bag who took on the job full-time around September time in 2018. Martin has previously caddied for Gary Murphy and Peter Lawrie. He also worked with Frenchman Alex Levy when he won the shortened Portugal Masters in 2014 and then he switched to Dane Lucas Bjerregaard who also happened to win the same tournament in 2017.

Lowry originally had fellow Irishman Dermot Byrne on the bag and they had been together for roughly nine years. The partnership officially started after Lowry won the Irish Open in 2009 as an amateur. However as his game deteriorated it seemed so did their relationship. It officially ended around July/August time in 2018.

Lowry’s brother Alan filled in for a month or so before Martin stepped in full-time.

With brother Alan on the bag (Getty Images)

Interestingly Lowry has also had his coach Neil Manchip on the bag occasionally but in terms of a long-term partnership, it seems Martin is here to stay given their success together.

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Speaking about their partnership Lowry said;

“My caddy ‘Bo’ (Brian Martin) has been a great help for that (calming down), as well. He’s such a chilled-out character and he’s been great for me on the course. I really feel like he’s helped me over the last while and he’s relaxed me a bit more on the course than I used to be.”

Martin missed the Irish Open recently because his wife was due to give birth, and yet he was quickly back on the bag for the 2019 Open Championship at Royal Portrush because Martin is from the north.

Speaking about Bo before his final round at Portrush at the 148th Open Lowry said

“Bo has been great for me over the last year. It’s like he’s given me a new lease on life. He’s so chilled. He’s so relaxed. Maybe he isn’t inside but he definitely comes across that way.”

“And for him it’s like Bo grew up about an hour and a half away in a place called Ardglass. Hopefully we can do something special and enjoy it together.”

They did do something special as Lowry secured victory at the 2019 Open Championship. As you would expect, Martin has remained on the bag ever since.

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