Titleist TruFeel vs Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

We Compare Titleist TruFeel vs Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

Titleist TruFeel vs Titleist Velocity Golf Balls
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Titleist TruFeel vs Titleist Velocity Golf Balls

If you are looking at the value for money end of the Titleist golf ball range then you come down to the choice between the distance of the Titleist Velocity golf ball and the soft feel of the slightly cheaper Titleist TruFeel.

So which is the best for you? The Titleist TruFeel golf ball review highlighted a soft feeling ball that had much to admire including good durability.

The Titleist Velocity golf ball review revealed one of the longest balls in the Titleist range, but one which offered less control into the green. Let’s find out how these two-piece balls stack up when they go head to head with each other.


The Titleist Velocity comes in choice of white, matte green and matte red with the coloured versions coming with double digit numbers too. The 350 dimple cover is made from a NaZ+ ionomer cover that is designed for speed.

The Titleist TruFeel is only available in white and red and features some interesting red lines around the side stamp to help with your putting if you like that sort of thing.

The 376 dimple TruFlex cover is made from a proprietary Titleist formulation for soft feel, so more on that now.

Titleist TruFeel 2022 v Titleist Velocity 2022

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To sum this up very succinctly, the TruFeel feels softer, but the Velocity feels better on and around the greens. 

The slightly more responsive cover of the Velocity gives a little bit more control, although this is relative as both balls offer less control than the best premium golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1.

Both models putted pretty well and there is not much between them here apart from the softer sound of the TruFeel, so that will be down to personal preference.


There was a quite a noticeable difference in flight with the Velocity flying higher than the TruFeel, even though both launched around the same angle with a 7-iron and driver on Trackman at SGGT studios.

This is the inherent difference in the design of the balls, as the faster core and higher spin of the Velocity creates this type of flight in order to get the distance.

Ball testing with Trackman

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No surprise then that the Velocity edges it for distance with the driver, although I would caveat that by saying that my driver swing speed of 95-100mph is probably not going to get the best from either ball, especially the TruSoft because of its lower compression.

These balls are designed for mid to slow swing speeds that may get more from them, but you would still expect the Velocity to carry a few yards further even if the TruFeel caught it up with the total distance thanks to more run from the low flight and shallower landing angle.

With the 7-iron the numbers were pretty similar for carry and distance so it then comes down to control.


With the irons the spin and performance into the green was pretty close, so there is not much to choose here. Both balls will not generate as much spin as something like Titleist ProV1x golf ball but they are still pretty good.

Around the greens the Velocity has the edge for control as it gives a little more feedback when chipping and putting, but the TruFeel still has decent performance for this sector of the market.

Which Ball Should You Choose?

The decision of which Titleist Golf ball is right for your game really comes down to whether you want more distance and spin from the Titleist Velocity or a softer feel from the Titleist TruFeel.

The Velocity is probably the better all round ball and the distance is right up there with every ball in the Titleist range.

However there is a lot to commend with the Titleist TruFeel ball and the performance was much better than expected for an entry level ball. It is soft though, so if you are a mid to slow swing speed player, generate a lot of spin and like a soft sounding ball then the TruFeel is a worthy choice.

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