Best Golf Ball Markers 2023

Why not mark your golf ball with some of our favourite ball markers?

Best Golf Ball Markers
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Best Golf Ball Markers

Some golfers are happy to do the job with whatever coin is sitting in their pocket, others like to have every box ticked, right down to the last detail. If you’re playing on tour you’ll likely have a ‘lucky ball marker’ and there’s no reason why the rest of us shouldn't add a nice little touch like one of these to our golf.

Even at club level, golf can be a frustrating game but having a quirky or novelty ball marker might put a smile on your face, or even help you nail those long putts. We've set out some of our favorite ball markers below, which features some that will put a smile on your face when putting, but also help you drain those long putts. Additionally, if you want more buying advice on other aspects of the game, we recommend checking out some of our most popular posts below - for example the best golf accessories, best golf balls and the best golf bags.

Best Golf Ball Markers

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What to consider

Buying a new ball marker can be as much about style as anything else. But there are several factors to consider when purchasing a new ball marker that you should take into account. 

1. Alignment tools

Perhaps the most important of those factors is whether the marker has an alignment tool on its top. While style is important, draining puts is even more crucial and having an alignment tool on the top of your marker can seriously help you square up your putt and get it in the hole. 

2. Weight

Weight is one factor that not a lot of golfers consider when purchasing a new ball marker. Often ball markers can get blown off the greens or moved by other balls hitting them. Plus it's also good to have a heavier marker which you are generally less likely to lose when placed in your bag. 

3. Style

Now we get to style, which is a very important consideration when buying a ball marker. Having a snazzy marker that reminds you of something, perhaps an event, a memory, or even a time you nailed a hole-in-one at your local course, can fill you with confidence on the greens. Confidence is king when putting and having that added boost when standing over a golf ball is crucial to help you stop three-putting. 

4. Fastening

Not all golf ball markers come with a clip or a fastening that you can attach to another piece of equipment, like a divot repair tool or your cap. Having an additional clip can make it a lot easier to pull your ball marker from your bag without having to faff around in your bag looking for the marker.  

While ball markers are one of the most important accessories you can carry in your bag, there are plenty of other handy tools that are outlined in our best golf accessories guide, that you should look to add to your golf bag. 


What equipment do you need for golf?

Aside from shoes, clubs and a bag, you may also want to carry around some of the following items to help you have an efficient and enjoyable round. You might want to bring with you, tees, a ball marker, a divot repair tool, a club head cleaner, a rangefinder, a GPS watch, or a scorecard holder.

Is it mandatory to have a golf ball marker during tournaments?

It isn't mandatory, although during tournaments you will likely need to mark your ball to allow another player to hit their shot. In this instance having a ball marker is vital as it means that you can easily provide your playing partner with a direct line to the hole without impeding them. Not marking your ball could be considered unsportsmanly and you may incur a penalty depending on club rules. 

What is the point of a golf ball marker?

Golf ball markers are designed to help players line up their putts better. They are a useful tool to help you gauge what line to hit the ball on and are also used to help other players behind you, putt through to the hole on an unobstructed line. 



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