We run through a selection of our favourites so you can choose the right hip flask for your on-course requirements

Best Golf Hip Flasks

A wee tipple on the golf course can lighten the mood in even the toughest round therefore  a nice hip flask is one of the best golf accessories to add to your golfing setup!

Additionally not only does it add to your experience but to your playing partners to boot. Offer them a wee drink after nine holes and you’ll be the most popular person on the fairways.

When choosing a hip flask, there are a few things to consider –

What size do you need? As a golfer, you can afford to go a little bigger as you, probably, won’t actually be carrying it on your person as you might if you were hiking or taking part in another activity where travelling light is key.

Having said that, you still want something relatively streamlined that will fit neatly into a golf bag pocket and will be easily accessible as and when required.

Then, do you want one that’s metal and can be inscribed upon, or do you prefer the thought of something more modern? There are great flasks out there made of recycled plastic for example.

Other things to consider include: Do you want to be able to see how much liquid is left in the flask? Do you want a lid that remains attached when unscrewed? Are you keen for a traditional curved shape, or perhaps something a little rounder might work if you’re planning for it to reside in a larger bag pocket?

There are some golf-specific hip flasks out there and others that are more generic that will do the job very nicely. Here below we run through the best golf hip flasks on the market right now.

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Best Golf Hip Flasks

NPGD Golf Hip Flask

Best Golf Hip Flasks

+ Comes with golfing accessories
+ Belt loop allows you to attach to golf bag
Leather covering won’t be to all tastes

This hip flask from NPGD is a real golfer’s friend. Not only does it carry your valuable liquor, but it also offers – tees, a pitchfork and two snap-off markers.

With a volume of 8oz, or just over 200ml, there’s space for a good few shots of your favourite tipple.

The leather covering protects the flask itself, which is Stainless Steel and the handy belt loop means you could attach it to the outside of your bag if you need quick access to some “aiming fluid.”

The accessories are good quality and the tee holders can, of course, be refilled.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £54.59

Savage Round Hip Flask

Best Golf Hip Flasks

+ Glass window to see contents
+ Stylish finish
Non-attached lid

This stylish Stainless Steel flask stands out because of its funky porthole style window.

One of the most annoying features of a smaller flask is not knowing how much whisky, run, brandy or cognac you have left to enjoy – There are no such problems with the Savage flask – you can see easily… No more peering down into the lid and shaking the contents around…

The lid is the only issue here – As it’s not attached, you have to take a bit of care with it – A flask with no lid is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

It’s quite small at just 142 ml so perhaps not ideal if you’re in a booze-loving fourball… But, it’s just right for a wee drop on a cold day when you’re out on your own or with a regular playing partner.

A nice touch is that this flask can be engraved if you so wish.

Palm City Products Hip Flask Gift Set

Best Golf Hip Flasks

+ Comes with two shot glasses
+ Golf theme styling
Lid not attached

This is a nice gift set for a golfing friend or family member. It’s a Stainless Steel flask and, at nearly 300ml volume – it’s a good sized one.

A nice round shape with Fore on the front – it’s a fun and stylish piece of kit.

Coming as it does with funnel and two shot glasses – it’s ideal for a round of golf with a favourite playing partner.

Watch out for the lid – it’s not attached so don’t lose it!

It comes boxed so is ideal as a present. speaking of presents also take a look at some of the best golf gifts for men and best golf gifts for women too.

US Buy Now at Palm City Products for $24.99

Stanley Adventure ECYCLE Hip Flask

+ Durable
+ Easy to clean
Not going to wow your playing partners with its looks

At 199ml capacity, this hip flask from Stanley is made from recycled plastic. If you’re not too worried about looks and are after something highly durable, this could be the hip flask for you.

It’s dishwasher friendly and comes with a lifetime guarantee – It really is a sturdy piece of kit.

Aspinal of London Double Hip Flask

+ Take two spirits
+ Great quality
– Won’t go in the dishwasher

This flask is perfect for a couple who have different tastes – put a different drink in each of the flasks.

It’s a quality piece of equipment that looks great in its leather binding. Each flask is kept in place with a popper and the soft lining adds a touch of class to the finish.

Perfect for a couple, but also if you want to offer playing partners a choice when you reach the 10th tee.

UK Buy Now at Aspinal of London for £85

Harris Tweed Black Watch Tartan Hip Flask

+ Stylish Scottish, golfy finish
+ Classic pocket shape
– Tweed covering not ideal in wetter conditions

This great looking flask inspires thoughts of the Scottish links. It’s definitely a good choice for the golfing whisky fan.

At 170ml capacity, it’s a decent size and the curved, pocket shape finish means it will slot easily into a small space in the golf bag.

It’s a traditional look and we particularly like the traditional lid attachment – flip open and don’t worry, there’ll be no scrabbling around on the tee in a frantic search for it!

Georg Jensen Sky Stainless Steel Hip Flask

+ Super stylish
+ Big capacity
Modern look won’t suit all

This sleek and stylish flask from Georg Jensen will turn the heads of your playing partners when you take it out of the bag.

With a volume of 430ml, it’s a good size so ideal if you want to cater for a thirsty fourball.

The lid is attached by an attractive leather strap and it comes with a funnel.

It’s not really a pocket flask but is ideal for golf as it’s sleek enough at just 11cm high to fit into any bag.

Overall, this is a funky and practical hip flask for a golfer.

UK Buy Now at Georg Jensen for £60

Personalised Store Golf Hip Flask

Best Golf Hip Flasks

+ Funny
+ Attached lid
– Not largest capacity at just 170ml

This super-fun hip flask is guaranteed to give your playing partners a laugh.

It’s made from stainless steel and has an attached lid.

It’s good value and, although not the best quality flask you can buy, it’s durable enough to last well.

This is a good one for an amusing gift to a golfing buddy – one of the best golf hip flasks out there.

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £12.99

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