Best Golf Hip Flasks 2023

A selection of our favorite hip flasks for golfers, so that you can enjoy a small tipple on the fairways.

Best Golf Hip Flasks
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Best Golf Hip Flasks

A wee tipple on the golf course can lighten the mood in even the toughest round. That means a nice hip flask is one of the best golf accessories to add to your golfing setup! Additionally not only does it add to your experience but to your playing partners to boot. Offer them a drink after nine holes and you’ll be the most popular person on the fairways.

There are some golf-specific hip flasks out there and others that are more generic that will do the job very nicely. So take a look at our list below, where we'll be running you through the best golf hip flasks on the market right now. Additionally be sure to take a look at some of our other gear guides too, such as the best golf drinks bottles and mugs, the best golf bags, or the best golf tops.

Best Golf Hip Flasks

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What to Consider when purchasing a new golf hip flask

Hip flasks come in all shapes, sizes and models. That means there is a lot to consider when buying a golf hip flask, so what should you look out for? 

1. Size

Depending on whether you're serving drinks for a fourball or just want your own little tipple at the tenth, size can impact the weight of your golf bag, so it is important to think about how big you want your flask to be. Having said that, you still want something relatively streamlined that will fit neatly into a golf bag pocket and will be easily accessible as and when required.

2. Material

Metal hip flasks are perhaps the most common flask on the market. But you can buy hipflasks that are made of leather, plastic and even glass. Depending on the style of hip flask you want, think about the material they are made from and their durability too. It is also worth considering the style and the look of the hip flask as well because the material will dictate the design and the color. 

3. The lid

Having a wet golf bag is bad enough, but having a golf bag that is flooded and stained by liquor is even worse. For that reason, ensuring you have a good screw-top lid that will stay on and locked when you're playing is very important. Plus, many golf flasks come with lids that are detachable which can also be something you want to avoid. A detachable lid is very easy to lose on the course, so for that reason, look for a flask that has a lid that is connected to the neck of the bottle. 

While hip flasks are a great accessory to have on the course, we have plenty of other guides on the best golf accessories you should keep in your bag, like our guide on the best ball markers, best golf mugs and bottles and best golf tees.


Are you allowed to drink alcohol while playing golf?

That depends on the rules of the club you are playing at. Most of the time clubs will allow you to drink alcohol during your round, so long as you are respectful of the club rules and other players on the course. Many more traditional clubs will have stricter rules on what you can and cannot do on the course though and you need to check those before you play. 

Does alcohol affect a players golfing ability?

Most of the time, yes, alcohol will generally affect a players ability to play good golf and while it affects different players in different ways, it can, for the most part, hinder your performance. While some players like a little tipple on the course to cure the nerves or the yips, others prefer to wait until the 19th hole, to ensure their accuracy and game are at the best they can be. 

What liquors should you put in a golf hip flask?

That depends on the type of alcohol you like to drink. Traditionally, most golfers playing on a cold wet day in the UK would have put a Scottish whiskey in their flask. But you can put any alcohol you like in your flask, from rum to vodka. 

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