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The Ping G30 was one of the best-selling drivers of the last few years by offering distance and forgiveness to all levels of player, but Ping believe the new Ping G driver improves upon it even further. The name may have been simplified, but the new technology is both plentiful and ground breaking.


Like the G30, the Ping G driver comes in a standard weighted version and will again be joined by a lower-spinning LS Tec model and a draw-bias SF Tec version.

Ping G drivers

New features include the distinctive Dragon Fly crown, which uses thinner sections of titanium in the rear to save 8g of weight. This has then been re-allocated to move the CG lower and deeper by around half an inch, increasing launch angle and forgiveness. The crown is also more domed in shape, giving it a slightly more compact look at address.

Ping G driver Dragon Fly crown

“We didn’t accept that 0.5mm was the thinnest titanium on the crown could be,” Marty Jertson, Director of Product Development for Ping, told Golf Monthly. “We knew if we could go thinner in titanium, we could achieve the acoustics, durability and support structure as well as significant weight savings than we would switching to a different material.”

“We were inspired by a picture our CEO John Solheim sent to us of a picture of a dragon fly, we thought about what can we learn from that wing structure. So we have titanium that is 0.43mm in the thin areas, as well as ribs that traverse the crown on the outside and additional structures on the inside that produce a great sound and amazing weight savings that has helped us deliver improved performance over the G30 driver.”

Ping G driver Vortec technologyThe three G drivers will also feature Vortec Technology, where a new shape on the rear of the head helps minimise turbulence, like a spoiler on a car, to reduce drag. This joins Ping’s crown Turbulators, returning from G30 and also featuring on the new Ping G fairway woods and hybrids, which are angled slightly more outwards on the G driver, resulting in a 37 per cent reduction in aerodynamic drag compared to G30.

A patented heat treatment on the clubface means it has been made thinner, saving weight and reducing ball-speed loss on off-centre hits. Finally, cavities on the sole improve the acoustics of the driver.

Ping G driver back viewThe drivers remain adjustable, with a new lighter hosel offering five settings at +\- 0.6 or one degree. The stock shaft is the Alta 55 High Balance Point, which should make the head feel lighter for faster swing speeds.

Ping G driver technical specs

All three Ping G drivers have an RRP of £349 and go on sale on February 11th. The standard G and G LS Tec models coming in 9° and 10.5° lofts, and the SF Tec in 10° and 12°.