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With the G30 drivers, Ping expanded from a standard head to include low spin and draw biased models, and for 2016 this theme has continued into the new Ping G fairway woods.


For the first time ever, it is available in a standard version (169cc, 14.5°, 17.5° and 20° lofts), a larger and lower spinning Stretch 3 model (184cc, 13° only) and a draw biased SF Tec model (175cc, 16° and 19° lofts).

New Stretch 3 and SF Tec models have been added to the G fairway wood range for 2016

Apart from those notable differences, all three of the new adjustable G fairways enjoy the same breakthroughs in technology, the highlight arguably being a new leading edge design. Ping has managed to move it closer to the ground and in turn this raises the impact area 12 per cent higher to increase the ball’s launch angle.

Ping has also upgraded the steel face since G30, switching from a 17-4 stainless steel to a new carpenter 455 VFT steel that is stronger. Thanks to its strength qualities, it can be designed thinner, allowing for more flex across the face and better forgiveness on heel and toe strikes.

A cascading sole has also been introduced, and this hinge style design spreads the bending at impact more efficiently so the head can spring more powerfully for longer distance.

Finally, like the new Ping G drivers, the fairways have thinner crowns. Theirs are 25 per cent thinner than the G30 fairway, and like the drivers, that saved weight is moved lower and deeper in the head to boost forgiveness.

Turbulators now feature on the Ping G hybrid as well as the fairway woods

The Ping G hybrid features many of the same new technologies as the fairway woods, which should give you a more consistent feel and similar performance through the bag.

These include the cascading sole design that engages more of the head structure at impact for a more powerful springing effect for increased distance.

The new carpenter 455 VFT steel face also features, and not only is it thinner than on the G30 hybrid to allow for more forgiveness in the heel and toe, but because it is thinner it is also 8g lighter, saving weight to be used elsewhere in the head.

Unlike the G30 hybrid, the new G model does feature turbulators on the crown, and these combine with unpainted grooves in the sweetspot area of the face to improve alignment and capture the ball at address.

Technical specs
All three fairway woods will feature the Alta 65 High Balance Point shaft as standard, and retail at £220. On sale from February 11th. The hybrid will come in a large range of lofts at 16° (2H), 19° (3H), 22° (4H), 26° (5H) and 30° (6H), and will feature the Alta 70 High Balance Point shaft, with an RRP of £180.