Ping G30 driver review

The new drivers features turbulator technology for higher ball speeds

Ping G30 driver
Ping G30 driver review
(Image credit: Ping)

Golf Monthly's Paul O'Hagan gives his Ping G30 driver review

Above, Golf Monthly's Paul O'Hagan gives his Ping G30 driver review.

The Ping G25 was one of the best drivers on the market. The combination of forgiveness, distance and control meant it appealed to golfers of all abilities.

The new Ping G30 driver is designed with an emphasis on added speed, but with no sacrifice in other areas.

In order to increase ball speeds, the brand's engineers have added ‘turbulators’ to the crown, which improve aerodynamics by reducing drag forces and create efficient airflow. On the Ping G30 driver, they also assist with alignment.

Ping engineers have opted for a classic low-and-back centre of gravity position. In fact, the G30 driver features the lowest and farthest back position of any Ping model to date, to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) and energy transfer in order to create maximum forgiveness.

In the Ping G30 driver, the adjustable hosel has the same mass and diameter as the brand's fixed-hosel models, translating to increased adjustability with no performance sacrifice.

What's more, the Trajectory Turning Plus allows up to five settings with a full 2 degrees of adjustability, enabling the user to increase or reduce the Ping G30 driver's loft in intervals of 6/10ths of a degree and 1 full degree.

For the first time, Ping have produced 2 ‘G’ drivers. As well as the standard model, a new G30 SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology) model features weight positioned near the heel and a lighter swing weight. These factors help produce a right-to-left ball flight, ideal for those who struggle with a slice.

The TFC 419D shaft features a high balance point - courtesy of the CG being placed nearer the grip - which allows a heavier head to be used without affecting the feel of the club when swinging.

In addition, both Ping G30 drivers feature a new T9S face material. It's thinner - with a better strenght/weight ratio - and 4 grams lighter; weight that's been reallocated to help better position the CG and increase MOI for more forgiveness.

Ping G30 driver essentials:

Head size: 460cc Materials: Ti 8-1-1 body, T9S titanium face Standard length: 45.75" Standard model lofts: 9 degrees and 10.5 degrees Ping G30 SF Tech model lofts: 10 degrees and 12 degreesLoft adjustability: +/- 1 degree Shafts: 3 options, fron Soft R to X-Stiff

Both Ping G30 drivers come with an RRP of £299 and are available to buy now.