10 Biggest Gear Trends 2020

In this video, Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman take a look at the major trends among the gear launches of 2020

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In this video, Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman take a look at the major gear launches of 2020 to see if they can spot any trends.

10 Biggest Gear Trends 2020

From drivers with less adjustability to striking new putter designs, this is a list of products to look out for on the course this year.

Whether you are thinking of buying something new for your game or simply keeping an eye on key developments from the major manufacturers, our 10 biggest gear trends 2020 video should help!

1. Golf Ball Colours and Alignment Aids

A lot of brands in 2020 have started to use more colours in their golf balls such as the Titleist Velocity range, which now includes four colours to choose from.

Even all the way up to premium golf balls, there is now often a yellow option in Pro V1. So if you are a golfer who does struggle to see your golf ball in different light conditions then maybe a coloured model could be the way to go.

Several brands have also started to add more elaborate sidestamp designs on their golf balls too, such as the Callaway Triple Track, Titleist's Tour Soft T-shape, the Srixon Q-Star Tour and also the unique TaylorMade TP5 Pix.

To some these aids may seem distracting, but a lot of golfers will see the alignment benefits on the greens and even off the tee.

2. Reduced Driver Adjustability

Another trend that we have noticed in 2020 is that drivers are perhaps offering less adjustability than years gone by.

In previous years, brands would try and bring out one head that can be altered in lots of different ways to give golfers performance specific to them. But in 2020 brands are looking to introduce different types of head to cater for different golfers.


Just some examples of this include the trio of Callaway Mavrik range, the four models in Titleist's TS series and the three TaylorMade's SIM drivers.

3. Urethane Golf Balls

Urethane covered golf balls that offer the best short game control have traditionally always come in with a premium price but in 2020 brands are offering these types of balls at more competitive prices.

Two such examples of this are TaylorMade's Tour Response ball, and the Srixon Q-Star Tour model too. Then you have lesser-known brands like Kirkland, Inesis and Vice all offering up urethane versions as well.

4. Bolder Putter Designs

From a visual standpoint, the design of putters has become a lot bolder in 2020 with more colours and head shapes becoming increasingly common.

Mallet putters in particular have a lot more real estate to allow for this which means brands are also introducing more impactful alignment aids.

Ping's Heppler range is one such example as are the Scotty Cameron Phantom X and the Odyssey Triple Track series of putters.

5. Spikeless Focus

In 2020, brands are also focusing a lot more on spikeless footwear with the reason being that the improvement in performance has been profound.

In modern spikeless shoes you are barely compromising on grip or stability compared to spiked shoes, and to top that off you get great off-course versatility too.

The Ecco S-Three, adidas Codechaos and the FootJoy Pro SL are just three of the standout models available this year.

6. Better Feeling Game-Improvement Irons

Traditionally, irons designed for higher handicap players have always been quite harsh and loud sounding.

But this year we have seen more brands not want to give golfers a reason not to buy their irons, and the chief avenue they have looked at here is improving the sound and feel of the irons.


Great examples of this are the Ping G710, Cobra King Speedzone and TaylorMade SIM Max irons, which provide explosive distance but with a more forged-like feel.

7. More Draw-Biased Drivers

There have always been drivers with draw bias or that can be set up with a closed face to help golfers battle the slice with the big stick.


But in 2020 we've seen almost every brand launch a model specifically combat the slice, such as the Wilson Staff Launch Pad and the Mizuno ST200X, both of which have been designed to make it extremely difficult to slice the ball.

8. Stronger Lofted Irons

We test a lot of irons and the lofts seem to be getting stronger and stronger in 2020 with brands saying it is all about launching the ball higher with more speed. It appears as if this trend shows no sign of stopping any time soon either.

10 Biggest Gear Trends 2020

Titleist's T400 set of irons has extremely strong lofts

Evidence suggests there is extra performance to be had here but we recommend being wary about how stronger lofts in your irons affects the bottom of your bag in terms of gapping. A good example being the T400 from Titleist, which has a 7-iron loft down at 26° to help golfers maximise distance. Interestingly, our testing has shown the ball flight hasn't suffered, so perhaps it is justified after all.

9. Performance Analysis Technology

This year, golfers are more capable than ever at tracking their performance through technology like the Shot Scope V3 and Arccos Caddie.

10 Biggest Gear Trends 2020

These pieces of technology track golf shots and allow the golfer to analyse which parts of their game need the most work. This could potentially make a big difference to your golf game.

10. Hybrid-like Iron Sets

Hybrid-like irons are making a comeback this year with the aim of giving as much help as possible to higher handicap players and beginners.


From left-to-right, the Wilson Staff Launch Pad 9, 7 and 5-iron.

They are incredibly forgiving because of the wide soles and hollow-head construction, whilst the design also helps rescue a slightly heavy contact too. The Wilson Staff Launch Pad (pictured above) is one of the best examples we've tested, and there are new models from Cobra and Cleveland too that are worth trying if this type of design appeals to you.


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