Cobra King Speedzone Iron Review - Joel Tadman has his say on the unorthadox Cobra King Speedzone iron after testing it on the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor

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Cobra King Speedzone Iron


  • Offers increased distance over the King F9 on a stronger flight thanks to lower spin. Direction seemed just as easy to control despite stronger lofts.


  • Much of the distance gains will come from severe strengthening of the lofts. Not everyone will enjoy how the carbon fibre topline looks.


Cobra King Speedzone Iron


Price as reviewed:

£699.00 (steel, £799 graphite)

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Cobra King Speedzone Iron Review

Not many irons demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking as well as the Cobra Speedzone iron. It comes in One Length, the unorthodox, boxy Speedback shaping continues from the previous King F9 model and it’s the first iron to feature a carbon fibre topline (you can read more about the tech here). Good things really do come in threes.


The latter is unquestionably eye-catching given it’s a first in golf, but not to the point that it creates an unwanted distraction. In fact, after a few shots you’ve all but forgotten it’s there and switch to focusing on the performance, of which there is much to enjoy.


This is a solid, powerful iron that doesn’t leave anything behind, such is the stability of the head on off-centre hits. Interestingly, Cobra has strengthened the 7-iron loft significantly by two degrees down to 27.5°. This change is somewhat justified, given the King SZ achieved a peak height of 33 yards, only one yard lower than the King F9.


The initial launch angle was over one degree lower and the ball speed, on average, was 1mph quicker. Factor in the 200rpm lower spin and the King Speedzone carried a whopping 189 yards, three yards longer than the King F9. Generation to generation, this would seem to be a significant jump, but the severe strengthening of the lofts makes it a little less exciting.

We like how the effective sole width has been reduced while maintaining the bounce, making it feel a little quicker through the turf, as well as the various extras like the One Length option and Cobra Connect shot tracking add genuine value for money.

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The King SZ represents a shift further towards the super game improvement category, with the Forged Tec sweeping up golfers looking for a compact distance iron. If you’re all about distance and forgiveness with your iron shots, the King Speedzone is certainly one of the models to try in 2020.