Ian Poulter reacts to be putting on the clock twice during his second round at Augusta National


Ian Poulter In Clock Controversy At Masters

Ian Poulter was put on the clock twice during his second round at the Masters, a matter he was less than impressed about when questioned after his round.

The Englishman, who was playing alongside former Masters champion Trevor Immelman from South Africa and America’s Patrick Cantlay, didn’t mix his words when offering his opinion.

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Whether he was questioning the speed of his playing competitors or the decision in general, he said: “Listen, I don’t care if I’m on the clock. It doesn’t bother me. It’s not, it’s never going to affect my golf, so I’m fine. And I know I’m quick enough. That’s all I’m saying.”

Pressed on what he thought about the matter, he replied: “What did I think about it? I think as a group we were slow, but I’m not going to say the reasons why we were slow. I’m going to say “we”. Let me just generalise and say “we”. Just to keep that clean.”

Asked whether he’d been put out of his rhythm, he added: “Let me just say it’s fine. I’m quite happy to be on the clock every hole of my life, it doesn’t affect me.

“I’m quite comfortable being on the clock every single shot. I’m not going to call foul. Unless you stand on the 12th and 11th and you get a big wind switch, that’s when, obviously it’s going to get tricky.

“So I mentioned to the lads, we need to get off this clock coming up 12. And we did. But quite quickly we fell back on the clock. So we rightly should have been back on it.

“We have to be on the clock. We’re too slow. When you’re too slow, you need to speed up, end of conversation. If we’re slow.”

Poulter, who performed heroics to tee it up at Augusta after securing a place with victory at last week’s Houston Open, carded a three-over-par 75, a score that was still good enough to see him into the weekend.