We pick out five key shots that are crucial to mastering Augusta National and show you how to play them

How to play the shots that will win the Masters

Every winner of the Masters down the years has pulled off memorable, dramatic shots to earn their green jacket. But it’s perhaps the shots you don’t remember that they pulled off with ease that helped them remain in contention come Sunday afternoon. Here, we pick out the five key shots needed to get round Augusta National and show you how to put them into play at your course…


Shot 1: Hit the draw

There are quite a few doglegs at Augusta that require the players to shape the ball from right-to-left, most notably on the back nine at the 10th, 13th, 14th and 17th. In this video tip, GM Top 25 coach Barney Puttick has a great drill to help you create that strong draw shape off the tee.

Shot 2: Conquer sloping lies

Augusta is known for its changes in elevation so the players will frequently encounter having to play approach shots from uneven lies. In this video, GM Top 25 coach Andrew Reynolds demonstrates how to hit a good shot with the ball below your feet.

Shot 3: Chip from tight lies

We all know the fairways and run-off areas at Augusta are immaculately prepared and consequently, the players will be faced with some tricky chip shots from very tight lies. The key is to bruise the ground and use the bounce, as GM Top 25 coach explains in this video tip.

Shot 4: Generate greenside backspin

The lightning fast greens at Augusta mean that the players need to come up with ways to stop the ball when chipping on to them. Most of the players will put new wedges with fresh grooves into their bags but sometimes that’s not enough, your technique needs to generate maximum spin. In this video by GM Top 25 coach Paul Foston, you can find out how.

Shot 5: Lag putting consistently

The greens at Augusta are large and severly undulating so lag putting well from distance is key if you’re to save par. In this video tip, GM Top 25 coach Barney Puttick explains how you can do it too.

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