Up your tee game with these stunningly cool designs from Western Birch.

Bring Augusta Anywhere With These Special Edition Golf Tees

Just a few months after Dustin Johnson won The Masters in November 2020, the world of golf is descending on Augusta National soon and the excitement is palpable.

It is arguably the best golf tournament of the year and the golf course is on most people’s bucket lists. Unfortunately, most of us will not get to play it but one thing people in the United States can do in 2021 is bring a little flavour of Augusta anywhere with these Western Birch Special Edition ‘Azalea’ golf tees.

Buy Now at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $9.99

Western Birch is a brand famed for its premium hardwood golf tees with unusual and eye-catching designs, and the ‘Azalea’ is one of the most popular creations thanks to the yellow and green stripes which are famous colours most commonly associated with the golf course. Additionally the white tee design also harkens to the white boiler suits the caddies where during the tournament as well.

Buy Now at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $9.99

The famous white boiler suits of Augusta National (Getty Images)

Performance is not just limited in an aesthetic sense either because these hardwood tees are incredibly strong and difficult to break, whilst also being very hard to lose too because the colourful design is easy to spot.

So if you need to up your tee game, or you know someone who is currently using run of the mill plastic tees, then these Augusta-inspired tees are the perfect way to remind you of the golfing nirvana in the heart of Georgia. Who knows, maybe thinking about golfing heaven will make you play better too because the tee will always bring a smile to your face? It is a stretch, but every little helps right?

Alternatively there are other colour choices available.