The five-time Major winner says that we're lucky Woods' kids didn't lose their father


Mickelson On Woods Car Crash: “Thankful He’s Still With Us”

Phil Mickelson has reiterated Rory McIlroy’s comments after Tiger Woods’ car accident, saying that he is appreciative that Woods’ children haven’t lost their father.

Lefty, a long-time rival and now friend of Woods, says that Tiger returning to golf is far from his mind and he is just thankful the 15-time Major winner is still alive.

Woods was “very fortunate” to survive the accident according to the LA Police, who revealed that Tiger has no recollection of the crash.

“So all the guys here understand and appreciate what he has meant to the game of golf and for us and the PGA Tour,” Mickelson said of Tiger Woods.

“We all are very appreciative and supportive of what he’s done for us, but right now that’s so far from our minds.

“And I thought Rory McIlroy really said it well when he said that we’re just lucky and appreciative that his kids didn’t lose their father.

“We all are hoping and praying for a full and speedy recovery, but we’re also thankful, because that looked awful, and we’re thankful he’s still with us.”

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The five-time Major winner, who has played in two high-profile exhibition matches with Woods in recent years, said that Tiger has benefitted the entire game in helping get golf back on the front page of newspapers.

“We were opponents you know, competing against each other for quite some time, then we started working together to try to get the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup team events, to get our players to play our best, and then we became partners in developing a couple of matches,” he said of their relationship through the years.

“It’s been fun to be able to work with him.

“Again, I realise, just like all the guys here do, how much he’s meant to the game of golf and the growth and getting us off the back page and onto the front page.

“We’ve all benefited from him.”