New XXIO9 premium range made popular in Japan has now come to the UK, designed to offer slower swinging golfers help in achieving more distance through the bag

You may not have heard of the golf brand XXIO but they are huge in Japan and its new XXIO9 woods and irons will be a perfect match for slower swinging golfers seeking a premium range that delivers on looks and performance.

The clubs are built with a very lightweight (41g), high balance point shaft for slow to moderate swinging golfers that need a higher launch to achieve more speed and realise their distance potential.

The new XXIO9 series clubs feature a new technology by maintaining longer wrist cock without adjusting your swing to create a change in head path. This change increases head speed to deliver nearly six more yards when compared with the previous driver by reducing swing MOI.

More weight in the clubhead thanks to Dual Speed Technology, which also features on the Srixon Z355 driver, helps increase ball speed but also increases forgiveness thanks to the extra stability of the clubhead at impact.

XXIO9 driver

The driver boasts a six-part construction, with a wing cup face deign helping deliver faster inital ball speed by reducing the stress points on the face. XXIO were also one of the first brands to implement variable thickness faces to increase ball speed on mishits and this has been refined further in the XXIO9 range.

The face of the XXIO9 hybrid has been updated from the previous open-face structure to a new cup face structure which enhances spring-like effect across the entire face. Enlarging the thinner surrounding area of the face (the thinner area between thicker areas) creates a sweet spot 10 per cent larger than that of the previous model and improves the carry distance for off-center shots. Curvature towards toe area and reduced face progression for better contact and accuracy.

XXIO9 hybrid

A five-piece construction in the 4-7 irons in theXXIO9 set helps position the CG lower for a higher launch and more distance.

Nickel weights in the sole as well as high-density tungsten-nickel inner weights in the toe and heel result is a clubhead with the lowest CG in XXIO history and a high MOI. This enables the ball to get airborne with ease and further improves the carry distance for off-center shots.

XXIO9 iron

The MP900 shaft, made in-house in XXIO’s own factories, has a 15mm higher balance points to make the irons feel even easier to swing. XXIO also parter with Toray, a world leading company in use of carbon, to use the best materials in creating the best shafts for their products.

XXIO clubs are played by women’s No.2 golfer in the world Inbee Park. Over 80 per cent of clubs sold in Japan are XXIO and they have been the number one hardware brand in Japan for 14 years. You can try the new range at the XXIO fitting centre based at the World of Golf driving range in New Malden.

Technical specs and pricing

The new XXIO 9 clubs are available now with an RRP of £499.99 for the driver and £399.99 for each fairway wood (W#3, 5, 7). The hybrid has an RRP of £219.99. XXIO9 irons have an RRP of £996 for an 8 club set (#5-PW, AW, SW) featuring the XXIO MP900 carbon shaft and £870 for the same set featuring the N.S. PRO 890GH DST for XXIO steel shaft. A 5-club set (#6-9, PW) and individual clubs (#4, #5, AW, SW) will also be available.