The new Srixon Z65 range has been launched, featuring two drivers, fairways, hybrids and three better player irons designed to be more forgiving and launch the ball higher

The new Srixon Z565 driver replaces the Z545 driver and features a new Power Wave Sole to increase both launch angle and forgiveness. This is essentially a multi-step design that allows the lower portion of the face to bend more, increasing distance across the face. A Stretch Flex Cup Face has also been added, extending further around the crown and sole to create a larger sweetspot. Slight draw bias will help serial slicers achieve a straighter flight.

Srixon Z565 Driver_Toe-WEB

The crown has been made four grams lighter than the previous driver and that weight has been repositioned to enhance clubhead MOI and lower the centre of gravity. Srixon engineers did this by analyzing the club using computer-simulated impacts and identifying locations where the titanium crown could be made thinner without sacrificing feel, sound, or durability.

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The lighter crown, power wave sole and stretch flex face cup combine to create something Srixon call the Ripple effect, coming together to provide ‘never seen before’ performance.

“This new generation of Z565 drivers will launch slightly higher than the Z545, but the primary goal was to increase ball speed,” Jeff Brunski, Srixon R&D Director, told GM. “That’s where the new power wave sole technology came from. Having better ball speed across the face – especially low on the face – helps overall distance, but also distance dispersion. The improvements in the Z565 are universally beneficial. All golfers can benefit from more ball speed, higher smash factors and a slightly more forgiving head.”

Srixon Z565 Driver

The Z565 model will suit a wider range of handicaps and swing speeds, while there’s also a Z765 driver that is smaller at 445cc and comes with a heavier shaft as standard to provide the penetrating ball flight and workability better players prefer. Both drivers feature adjustable face, loft and lie angle and comes in 9.5° and 10.5° with a Miyazaki Kaula Mizu shaft.

Z65 Fairways and hybrids

The non-adjustable ZF65 fairway wood and ZH65 hybrid feature the Stretch Flex Cup Face but also boast a new Arc Support Channel – a channel on the crown that becomes progressively deeper by loft to promote a higher launch and more optimal spin across the face.


The fairway wood also has a crown step to add flexibility to the upper portion of the face and increase ball speed. It comes in lofts of 13.5°, 15°, 17°, 19° and 21°, while the hybrid comes in 16°, 19° and 22°.

Z65 Irons

Replacing the Z45 trio of irons is the Z65 series, featuring three forged models: the bladed Z965, the bladed cavity Z765 and the compact cavity-back Z565 aimed more at low-to-mid handicap players.

All three feature an updated version of the Tour V.T. Sole design, which has been modified to move even more efficiently through the turf to reduce impact resistance and tighten shot dispersion.

Srixon Z65-irons-group-WEB

The clubhead material has undergone a new heat- treatment process to enhance both feel and distance. The grooves have also been made five per cent larger and the faces have been double laser- milled to improve the contact and spin consistency, particularly from wet or bad lies.

A ZU65 utility iron completes the family. It features a hollow construction in a slim profile, which positions weight lower for a higher launch. Srixon has managed to improve the feel with unmatched distance with a new S20C body and SUP10 face. Like the new Z 65 irons, these utility clubs also feature 5% larger grooves for more spin and control on longer shots into greens.

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