Srixon has introduced the tenth generation of its AD333 to the market for 2021 with a raft of changes said to improve feel and performance

Srixon Launches 2021 AD333 Golf Ball 

Srixon has announced the tenth generation of its AD333 golf ball for 2021, a generation that aims to add even more improvements to the popular golf ball model.

The latest AD333 golf ball shares much of the same technology found in the tour-validated Z-Star series – one of the best Srixon balls –  but it’s packaged into a two-piece ionomer construction that provides value and performance to a wide range of golfers.

Srixon claims the next generation AD333 will bring golfers more distance and forgiveness than previous generations by dropping the compression of the ball slightly as well as adding a new FastLayer Core.

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By dropping the compression from 77 to 72 on the new ball, the new AD333 promotes more deformation of the ball at impact for players with moderate swing speeds.

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In plain English, this should mean a straighter and longer ball flight. The new compression also makes for a softer feel than the previous AD333 with prolonged contact between the ball and clubface also providing more control with short irons and wedges.

The new FastLayer Core – which also features in Srixon’s Z-Star family – provides distance and ball speed on the longer irons and woods with the soft centre of the ball becoming progressively firmer around its outer edge.

Srixon AD333 Tenth Generation

The tenth generation Srixon AD333 features a more prominent, blue alignment aid to help with lining up putts.

While the FastLayer Core generates lower spin on impact, the unique 338 Speed Dimple Patterns takes over to reduce drag for a more penetrating ball flight.

These two technologies working in tandem to aid a distance improvement versus the 2019 Srixon AD333 ball.

Finally, the tenth generation AD333 also features Srixon’s new Spin Skin with Slide-Ring Material (SeRM), which should offer golfers a little more spin around the green.

Srixon AD333 Tenth Generation

Spin Skin with SeRM digs deep into the grooves of wedge and iron grooves to increase friction and maximise spin for more stopping power.

It’s a multitude of evolutions for a golf ball now into its tenth iteration, but the new AD333 promises to build on the strong reputation it has with amateur golfers with a moderate swing speed looking for a less-expensive option in their bag that performs from tee to green.

The new Srixon AD333 golf ball will be available from September 10th in Pure White or Tour Yellow with a RRP of £27 per dozen.