Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Revealed

Shot Scope has made significant upgrades to its GPS watch offering with the new V3

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Revealed

The new Shot Scope V3 is 60 per cent smaller but crammed full of features to help golfers improve strategy and analyse performance

Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Revealed

Looking to build on the success of the V2 model, Shot Scope has unveiled its new GPS and shot tracking golf watch, the V3.


It’s a whopping 60 per cent smaller than the previous version and is just 10mm thick, while also sporting a new daylight-readable colour screen.

It features three different modes depending on how you plan to use it. Such is the modern, versatile styling, you could just use it as your everyday watch, but then you would be missing out on all the excellent golf functionality, including the GPS, performance tracking and analysis.


In golf mode, it will provide front, middle and back distances on over 35,000 pre-loaded courses. It also provides distances to reach and carry bunkers and penalty areas.

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In GPS + Performance Tracking mode, the Shot Scope V3 will automatically detect shot locations during a round using tags placed in the tops of your grips. With the PinCollect feature, golfers can input the pin position with the touch of a button when retrieving their ball from the hole to provide enhanced approach and short-game statistics.


For greater accuracy, and to reduce time editing post-round, you can input penalty shots like provisional or lost balls, too. After your round, the watch syncs to your phone’s free Shot Scope app via Bluetooth to show every shot plotted on the map of the course.

You then have access to over 100 statistics to analyse your play. These are broken down into five categories covering things like average distances with each club, accuracy off the tee, scrambling prowess and success rate from different lengths of putt.

There are also interactive features, like Medals for certain achievements and Leaderboards, where you can see how you compare with other Shot Scope users of a similar standard.

The Shot Scope V3 is available now, with five interchangeable strap colour options, for £179.99 until July 31st, then £209.99 afterwards. There’s also the option of the Shot Scope G3, which doesn’t include shot tracking, for £149.99.