The new Callaway Chrome Soft ball has been revealed, now featuring four layers and a new urethane cover for improved overall performance and durability

New Callaway Chrome Soft ball

Callaway’s original Chrome Soft golf ball launched last year offered performance through the bag at that mid price point and was well received by different abilities of golfer.

In fact, a similar version of it even got played on Tour by the likes of Phil Mickelson, and the new Chrome Soft ball for 2016 is much closer to that played by lefty last year.

The original chrome soft was a three-piece ball but the new version is now a four-piece construction, featuring the same Dual SoftFast Core technology found on previous models like the Tour IS, Hex Black Tour and Speed Regime models.

Having a softer core actually reduces spin on full shots because the ball compresses more fully at impact. The core on the new Chrome Soft is very soft, even more so than the two-piece SuperSoft model, and has a fimer outer core.

Callaway Chrome Soft layers

The result, Callaway say, is a ball that maintains consistent low spin with the longer clubs, but more spin on scoring approach shots and shots around the green.

The cover is urethane like last year’s Chrome Soft, but features improved scuff and stain resistance. It has the two dots on side stamp to distinguish it from the old model of the same name and is made 100 per cent in the USA.

As with Callaway’s previous balls, HEX Aerodynamics also help reduce drag and increase the ball’s stability in the wind.

As well as the white version, there will also be a red and white Truvis patterned Chrome Soft ball, which has been designed to maximise your view for better focus and visibility.

A yellow version will round out the offerings, which all have a retail price of £32.99 per dozen. The ball are on sale from February 5th, 2016.

Callaway Superhot 55

Callaway have also revealed the Superhot 55 ball, a three-piece ball with a surlyn cover. It gets its name from its 55 compression and has the same cover as the popular SuperSoft ball.

Callaway Superhut 55 ball

It also features HEX aerodynamics for improved stability through the air and reduce spin off the tee for less hooks and slices. You should also lose less distance than

It has an RRP of £24.99 and will also go on sale from February 5th, 2016.