Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

Callaway has unveiled its stunning new apparel range for men and women

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

Callaway's new apparel range is the most advanced yet, featuring new technologies in a range of weather-beating products for men and women.

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

When it comes to winter golf, preparation is key - your wardrobe needs to be fit for purpose. 

As we approach the final throes of the 2021 season, the likelihood of facing wind, rain and suboptimal temperatures goes up. So, for those who like to enjoy golf all year round, it’s vital you have apparel designed to keep you warm and dry, while giving you the ability to swing with freedom.

That’s where Callaway’s new Autumn/Winter collection for 2021 comes in. With market-leading innovations to protect golfers from the harshest conditions and breathable layering options for men and women, this is Callaway’s most advanced apparel range yet. 

If that wasn’t reason enough to delve deeper, the majority of Callaway’s products have been manufactured using a minimum of 25 per cent recycled material, as the big-name brand continues to make strides towards a more sustainable future. 

The men's Stormguard II Waterproof Jacket allows for full range of motion

Starting with the heavy hitters, the men’s StormGuard II Waterproof Jacket is one of the most versatile on the market. It does the essentials like keeping you dry and warm, but the real benefit comes from the in-built stretch and Swing Tech, which is less restrictive, allowing you to swing with confidence. 

Gone are the days when putting on a waterproof meant sacrificing performance, and this is evident immediately here. Not only that, but the StormGuard II has been constructed using 50 per cent recycled polyester. 

The StormFleece Pro is one of the most technologically advanced garments to hit the market

Moving onto the StormFleece Pro Jacket. This product has been designed in collaboration with SingTex, a new fabric technology that takes this fleece to another level. It’s supremely soft shell will keep wearers warm, while it also offers resistance to wind and rain too.

Put simply, it’s one of those garments that can easily become a go-to due to its suitability in just about any conditions you would expect to play golf in this off-season. 

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

Style meets substance in Callaway's Blocked Ottoman Fleece

Elsewhere, the Blocked Ottoman Fleece is another tremendous mid-layer option. It’s a stylish ¼ zip that will come into its own on those bitterly cold days, without being so bulky that it affects your game. Additionally, the Opti-dri technology makes it easy to shrug off the effects of a quick shower and carry on unaffected. 

It comes in four colourways - Dark Moody Heather (pictured above), Bright White, Quiet Shade and True Red - with the Callaway Tour logo on the arm and sleeve adding the perfect finishing touches.

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

The Heather ¼ Zip Windjacket is a well-fitting and performance-drive option for 2021

Swing Tech features again in the Heather ¼ Zip Windjacket, which is also available in four distinctive colourways. It’s built to do as the name suggests, but its uses don't end there. It is also water repellent, so golfers will enjoy a degree of protection should they find themselves caught in a mild downpour.

Additionally, it offers a great fit with its adjustable cuffs and is really lightweight, allowing for great levels of stretch. 

Onto the women’s range and Callaway has again pulled out all the stops, starting with the fully insulated Women’s Primaloft Quilted Jacket. It isn’t waterproof but does feature unbeatable thermal insulation thanks to the Primaloft technology. 

The women's Primaloft Quilted jacket offers complete range of motion and unrivalled warmth

This unique microfibre structure has been specially treated to create optimal physical and thermal conditions, meaning it will keep wearers protected from the coldest of conditions. It comes in two colours - Caviar (above) and Peacoat - and features an eye-catching quilted design that doesn't restrict movement. 

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

The stylish Primaloft Mixed Media Jacket is warm, comfortable and built to protect

Another product in the Primaloft family is the Mixed Media Jacket. The front and back panels of this stylish outerwear option are insulated and feature contour quilted lines and engineered seams for excellent range of motion. 

The two colours - Peacoat (above) and Flower - should offer enough variety for most looking to add this to their winter wardrobe. 

Callaway Launches Tech-Driven Autumn Winter 2021 Collection

This midweight layering option, pictured here in Blue Tattoo, will come into its own this winter

Having the ability to layer effectively is also covered thanks to this full-zip midweight and multipurpose top, which comes in Blue Tattoo (above), Dark Moody, Caviar and Cactus Flower. It has a high collar to lock in heat as well as a fleece back for added comfort and warmth when things get chilly.

The Jacquard Floral ¼ Zip Pullover is fleece lined and water resistant

Finally, the Jacquard Floral ¼ Zip Pullover is another versatile product in the extensive women’s range this year. Mock necks continue to make a comeback and that’s what Callaway has opted for here, while it is also fleece lined and water resistant to keep golfers protected from all but the absolute worst of the weather. 

In two colour options, the subtle floral design on the front adds an extra splash of style to this piece.

Like the men’s line-up, this just scratches the surface of what Callaway has to offer as we approach the off-season, so it’s well worth taking a tour of the entire catalogue to make sure you get the outfit that looks the part and performs when you need it to.

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