Best Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel

We highlight the best garments in Callaway's 2021 Autumn Winter apparel collection

Best Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel

Best Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel - An impressive selection of tech-driven performance garments designed to boost on-course performance.

Best Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel

If you plan to golf on through this autumn and winter season it’s important that your golfing wardrobe offers the necessary protection and performance to allow you to play to your potential.

In wind, rain, and colder temperatures, you need the right equipment to keep you warm, dry, and ready to swing with confidence and authority.

Callaway’s 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel collection is packed with a superb selection of garments specifically designed to help you perform on the golf course as the weather takes its inevitable turn for the worse.

Featuring an impressive range of technologies, including Primaloft for maximum insulation, Singtex StormFleece for lightweight functionality, and Swing Tech for freedom of movement, this is Callaway’s most advanced apparel range to date.

The brand is also focused on sustainability and the majority of Callaway’s products have been manufactured using a minimum of 25 per cent recycled material.

Here below we look at some of the very best items from the Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel collection.

Best Callaway 2021 Autumn Winter Apparel

Men’s Collection

Callaway Stormguard II Waterproof Jacket

+ Excellent waterproof protection + Swing Tech technology offers great freedom of movement - Block colours won’t be to all tastes

When the weather turns ugly, you need complete protection to carry on playing and performing to a good level, therefore you need a waterproof jacket you can trust to keep the elements out but one that also allows you to keep swinging freely.

We’re highly impressed with how the Callaway Stormguard II Waterproof Jacket performs on both those fronts.

It’s waterproof to 15,000 MMU with fully sealed seams, water resistant zippers and adjustable hem and cuffs. It really keeps the rain and the elements at bay.

Sometimes, that level of protection in a waterproof jacket comes at the expense of mobility. Not so with the Stormguard II.

Swing Tech technology delivers in-built stretch, allowing you to continue to swing with confidence. We found the freedom of movement to be excellent and the jacket is lightweight enough that we didn’t notice any restriction of movement at all.

It comes in three stylish colour options with print details on the back and Callaway Tour logo to the right sleeve. A nice touch is the fact it’s constructed from 50 per cent recycled polyester.

Callaway StormFleece Pro Jacket

+ Supremely soft + Water resistant - Full zip option only

Designed in collaboration with SingTex, the StormFleece Pro showcases a new fabric technology that takes the fleece to another level.

The supremely soft shell will keep you warm, while it also resists wind and rain. StormFleece is durable and breathable and offers stretch properties to boot.

It’s also an environmentally friendly fabric, consuming less energy in its production.

We enjoyed the lightweight warmth delivered by this full zip jacket and we think it’s a great one-layer option in all but the very harshest conditions.

The chin guard, storm cuff and adjustable hem with drop tail further enhance the levels of protection against the elements. The lightweight stretch properties mean it’s comfortable and make it very easy to swing while wearing.

It really is super soft and the neutral colour options are subtle and sporty. It’s a go-to garment in changeable weathers.

Callaway Blocked Ottoman Fleece

+ Swing Tech back for freedom of movement + Good thermal properties - Won’t protect against heavier rain

This blocked and ribbed fleece comes with a ¼ zip and features a chest zippered pocket. It’s an excellent mid-layer option that will function well as an outer layer in autumnal conditions, and pretty much all but the heaviest rain.

We like the styling and the four colour options of Dark Moody Heather, Bright White, Quiet Shade and True Red should provide something for all tastes.

The Swing Tech back is what really makes this fleece stand out. The technology is designed to help you maximise movement and it’s really noticeable when swinging the club.

You don’t feel hampered in the slightest, despite the levels of protection from the elements this garment delivers.

Whether used as an outer or mid layer, the Callaway Blocked Ottoman Fleece offers a great blend of style, comfort and performance.

Callaway Heather ¼ Zip Windjacket

+ Lightweight + Zipped hand pockets are nice touch - Not such good thermal properties

As the name suggests, this garment has been designed to protect you from the wind.

It’s lightweight and features Callaway’s excellent Swing Tech to allow freedom of movement when walking and swinging the club.

We found it to protect well from even quite strong winds and, although it’s not fully waterproof, it is resistant to the odd shower, making it a good one-layer garment in most autumnal and less-severe winter conditions. The adjustable cuffs further enhance fit and feel and, overall, it’s a very comfortable windjacket.

Available in four colours – Quarry Heather, Dark Moody Heather, Caviar Heather and Asphalt Heather, it’s a good-looking ¼ zip that could easily be worn off course as well as on.

If you want a lightweight, one-layer stretch garment that delivers good protection from the wind and a degree of warmth, the Callaway Heather ¼ Zip Windjacket would be a good choice.

Ladies Collection

Callaway Ladies Primaloft Quilted Jacket

+ Exceptional thermal properties + Swing Tech for freedom of movement - Not waterproof

Available in Caviar and Peacot colourways, this jacket offers exceptional thermal insulation thanks to the Primaloft technology.

This unique microfibre structure has been specially treated to create optimal physical and thermal conditions, meaning it will keep you protected from the coldest of conditions. We found it does exactly that – It really is a supremely warm garment.

But what’s great about this jacket is that the protection doesn’t come at the expense of comfort and freedom of movement. Thanks to the use of Swing Tech, plus Elastane in the knit panels, the stretch properties are excellent. We were able to keep swinging freely and that’s a massive help in testing weather.

It’s a great looking jacket to boot with gradient quilted pattern and subtle collar. Overall, the Callaway Women’s Primaloft Quilted Jacket is ideal for cold, dry winter days on the fairways.

Callaway Ladies Primaloft Mixed Media Jacket

+ Stylish lines + Thermal properties - Not fully waterproof

This is one of the most stylish garments in the Callaway range and we think it’s one of the best-looking jackets on the market for Autumn Winter 2021. The contour quilting lines, contrast zip and colour options of Peacot and Cactus Flower combine to make this a standout garment.

It also delivers a range of performance technologies to help you play to your full potential this autumn and winter.

Primaloft offers exceptional thermal qualities thanks to its unique microfibre structure – It’s impressively warm but surprisingly lightweight. That combined with Callaway’s Swing Tech means freedom of movement is excellent in this versatile jacket.

It’s a great choice in colder, windier conditions and, although it’s not fully waterproof, it will provide good protection in a range of challenging weathers. As an extra bonus, the jacket has been produced using environmentally friendly processes.

Callaway Ladies Midweight Layering

+ Lightweight + Versatile styling - Not all will want a full-zip mid layer

In testing and changeable weathers, getting your layering right is key to achieving comfort on the golf course.

This midweight layering option from Callaway is a hugely versatile garment that can help keep you warm, under a waterproof or heavier jacket, or it can be worn as an outer layer if the temperature rises a little.

It’s a full-zip garment featuring Callaway Swing Tech for full range of motion. The high-knit collar and fleece back deliver warmth while the ribbed side panel and cuffs enhance the comfort.

We found this to be an extremely comfortable garment offering a snug fit and great thermal properties.

It’s ideal as a mid-layer as it’s sleek and not at all bulky. You can swing completely freely when wearing it.

With attractive lines and four colour options, the Callaway Ladies Midweight Layering offers a great blend of style, comfort and versatility.

Callaway Ladies Jacquard Floral ¼ Zip Pullover

+ Water resistant + Stylish fit and finish - Only two colour options

Mock necks are in right now and that’s what Callaway has opted for here with this great-looking pullover. It's fleece lined and water resistant to keep you protected from all but the absolute worst of the weather.

Available in Cactus Flower and Peacot, the subtle floral design on the front adds an extra degree of style to this garment. We think this is a great layering option as well as a stylish pullover to wear as an outer garment.

The use of Callaway Swing Tech means freedom of movement is excellent while the fleece lining delivers great thermal protection.

Produced using eco-friendly processes, it’s an impressive and versatile garment offering fitted comfort and multi-level performance.

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