Who Is Will Zalatoris' Coach?

Take a look at who currently coaches the young American golfer.

Will Zalatoris' Coach
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Take a look at who currently coaches the young American golfer.

Who Is Will Zalatoris' Coach?

Will Zalatoris has had a meteoric rise in the men's game over the past year or so, and one reason for that could definitely be put down to his coaching team.

As such, below we have taken a look at who it is made up of.

Who Is Will Zalatoris' Coach?

Will Zalatoris is currently coached by Josh Gregory and Troy Denton.

Gregory (furthest right in pic below) is a performance golf coach based at Maridoe Golf Club which is 30 minutes outside of Texas. Troy Denton (second from left) also happens to be the head professional there.

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We believe Gregory and Zalatoris have been working together for around 2 years now and it seems the partnership came about because Zalatoris was struggling with his putting at the time.

They started working together and Gregory, who specialises in the short-game, told PGA Tour.com;

“He was a perfect candidate for what I do. It’s how to practice. It’s consistency and work ethic – games and drills. It involves a plan like a syllabus in college. That’s perfect for his nature. He’s extremely structured in everything he does. That’s where the immediate connection was. Most importantly … he always worked hard. He just needed a bit more consistency for how to go about things each day.

“Candidly, of all my Tour guys, there is nobody that’s stuck to the plan better than he has.”

Zalatoris has said it has been the routine, and the work of Gregory and Denton that has pushed him to the next level.

“I’d love to pin it on one thing, but everything has just been a little bit better. It’s about a routine. Add in some good work ethic and how could you not get better?”

Gregory has worked with several Korn Ferry Tour and PGA Tour players in the past, chiefly Patrick Reed (opens in new tab). Gregory coached Reed and helped him to victory at the 2018 Masters, and he also coached the 2011 and 2012 Augusta State national championship golf teams.

In fact Gregory has said that Zalatoris reminds him of Reed and a player like Bryson DeChambeau (opens in new tab) because of discipline.

Via a piece in the Augusta Chronicle, Gregory said; “All three of those guys have that in common and I see, obviously he’s not as far in his career as Patrick and Bryson, but I can see over the next two or three years, him becoming that style of player because of those attributes that he has and a lot of those you can’t teach,” Gregory added.

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Troy Denton also plays a role in the coaching setup because we believe he is the full-swing coach.

Denton himself was a very good player, competing on mini tours in an attempt to get to the PGA Tour. Unfortunately he fell short but earned his PGA Class A Membership in 2012.

In terms of other players he has coached, the most high-profile would be Ryan Moore, and he is also coaching Sebastian Munoz too. We are unsure when exactly he and Zalatoris started working together.

It is also believed that for a while, because he played so much golf in Texas alongside and against Jordan Spieth, Zalatoris and the three-time Major champion shared a swing coach, Cameron McCormick. We are unsure if Zalatoris still works with him.

He also played under Jerry Haas at Wake Forest too but turned professional during his senior year in 2017.

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