Who Is Robert MacIntyre's Coach?

We take a look at who currently coaches the young Scottish professional Robert MacIntyre

Robert MacIntyre's Coach

We take a look at who currently coaches the young Scottish professional Robert MacIntyre

Who Is Robert MacIntyre's Coach?

Robert MacIntyre has quickly made a name for himself since turning pro in 2017. The Scotsman, who hails from Oban, bagged his first European Tour win at the Aphrodite Hills Cyprus Showdown in November 2020.

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He's slowly risen up the rankings to the point where he now sits inside the top 50 and is therefore eligible to play in the biggest events in world golf.

But who coaches this rising star? Let's take a look.

Who Is Robert MacIntyre's Coach?

Robert MacIntyre's current coach is a man called David Burns. The pair first crossed paths in 2016 and they immediately clicked.

Burns, who runs his golf academy at Kingsfield Golf Centre just west of Edinburgh, was a very good player in his own right. He played off scratch at 16 but had to stop playing due to health concerns.

He suffered from mercury poisoning from fillings and had to take a 14-year break from the game.

MacIntyre celebrating his first European Tour win

Burns told the Linlithgow Gazette: “It’s been a strange golfing life for me, I was good when I was very young then I was out of the game completely and basically struggling to get by life in general. So to get myself sorted out health wise and to be back where I am now, sometimes I have to pinch myself.”

As mentioned above, the pair met in 2016 and they have gone from strength to strength as a partnership so far.

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“He ticks absolutely every single box,” said Burns to bunkered in 2019. “He’s got the desire and phenomenal amount of talent. He’s by no means the finished article. It’s still very much a work in progress. But he’s only 23 (now 24). He’s still got another eight or nine years before he’ll be hitting his peak and, if he keeps going the way he is, he’s going to be something very special.

“Put it this way, I’d be expecting him to play in the Ryder Cup before he’s 30.”

Burns also went on to acknowledge that the Scots personality makes him easy to coach. Since they have been working together they had to make lots of changes to his game but MacIntyre looked upon them all with a great attitude.

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“The good thing was that Bob was receptive to them all,” Burns added. “He’s like a sponge for information.

"He always wants to know more and more. That’s what makes him such a good pupil. If he doesn’t like what I’m telling him, he’ll say, ‘OK, I know what you’re saying but I don’t think I can do that'.

"He’s incredibly respectful. There’s no shouting and bawling, no huffs. He’s a dream to work with.”

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