We take a look at the coaching team that helps Louis Oosthuizen as a professional golfer.

Who Is Louis Oosthuizen’s Coach?

A Major winner, prolific tournament victor around the world and a player with the unique record of having a runner-up finish in all four Majors, Louis Oosthuizen is as consistent as they come in the professional golf world.

Interestingly his coaching team seems to have remained pretty consistent too and below we have taken a look at who that consists of.

Who Is Louis Oosthuizen’s Coach?

Oosthuizen’s main coach is Pete Cowen, an individual who has worked with many of the world’s best like Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood, to name but a few. They appear to have worked together for quite some time now.

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In a piece on Golf Digest, Cowen said;

“Louis Oosthuizen’s gift was to never be tempted to change the awesome swing that won the Open at St. Andrews in 2010. It’s the same basic swing I saw when he came to me as an amateur. That’s a gift, believe me.

“When a player has success, there’s always a voice that whispers they can be even better if they make this one change. It can be disastrous, but Louis never heard that voice. He also has never changed his priorities in life. His family comes first, his farm second and golf third. Nothing will ever change that.”

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Two more people that make up part of his coaching team, according to his website, are Marnus Marais and Kevin Duffy who are his physio and personal trainer respectively.

Oosthuizen often has Marais close by in particular to “gradually sort out all the old niggles, prevent new ones and give me better control of what I want to do with my swing.”

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