Get to know Louis Oosthuizen's wife a little better here.

Who Is Louis Oosthuizen’s Wife?

Get to know 2010 Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen’s wife here.

Who Is Louis Oosthuizen’s Wife?

Louis Oosthuizen is married to Nel-Mare and they tied the knot in 2007. They met as youngsters in South Africa and got married in Louis’ hometown in Mossel Bay.

The name Nel-Mare is a combination of a traditional Dutch surname and her maiden name.

Nel is a shortened version of Cornelia, used in Dutch, English, German, Italian, and Romanian.

According to, Mare is a nickname from the Germanic word mari or meri, which translates to “famous” or “renowned.” It is typically used as “de Mare,” meaning she was previously Nel de Mare.

She then combined her surname and maiden name using a hyphen to separate them. This is a normal practice in Dutch and Afrikaans culture.

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Nel-Mare with daughter Jana celebrating after Louis won the 2010 Open Championship (Getty Images)

According to the Sunday Times, Nel-Mare grew up on a farm called Groendel, which borders the Orange River in the Northern Cape. The closest city is Bloemfontein which is nearly 400 kilometres away. Louis also grew up on a farm too.

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The pair have three children together called Jana, Sophia and Emma. Jana was born in 2009, Sophia in 2012 and a year later Emma was born.

Another interesting fact about them is they own a wine company and restaurant called Louis57 which specialises in South African wines.

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