'I've Followed Women's Golf Fashion For Over 15 Years... Here Are 8 (Lesser-Known) Brands That Excite Me'

From apparel to shoes and accessories, the PGA Show showcased an amazing collection of the latest fashion. Alison Root highlights the brands to watch in 2024

Women golfers in A. Putnam fashion
(Image credit: A. Putnam)

The annual PGA Show is an immense event, spanning nearly 10 miles of aisles and occupying one million square feet at the Orange County Convention Centre in Florida. For those who haven’t experienced it firsthand, it’s difficult to convey the sheer scale of this show.

Since I began following women's golf fashion over 15 years ago, it is amazing to see how this area of the industry has undergone significant growth, particularly for women in terms of the number of different brands in the marketplace and the vast array of styles and colors on offer. At the PGA Show, a substantial portion of the exhibition space, nearly a third, was dedicated to apparel, footwear, and accessory brands.

Competition is fierce, over the years I've seen great brands come and go, and this is driving established and new brands to innovate and carve out distinct niches. Whether it’s through advancements in fabric technology, targeting new demographics, embracing art-inspired prints, or pushing the boundaries of athleisure, companies are striving to set themselves apart, which is exciting for the golf industry.

We’re now presented with incredible choices, and while I was unable to visit every exhibitor in the time available, here are some brands that particularly stood out to me and are set to make an impact with some of the best women's golf clothes for 2024. 

A. Putnam

Women golfers in A.Putnam fashion

A.Putnam promotes 'Resort to Sport'

(Image credit: A.Putnam)

I can see why A.Putnam is a brand making waves in the US. Established last year by the brand’s namesake, Alison Putnam, she has created a superior athstyle collection that stands out against the competition. This is largely due to the quality of the fabrics and attention to detail such as the stitching, positioning of zips, buttons and hidden tee holders. 

As you might expect, A.Putnam is a high-end brand which is reflected in the price point, but whether it’s a shirt, a skort, a hoodie, or a dress, each minimalist design provides feminine chic that you’d be more than happy to wear on and off the golf course. 

Cole Haan

Cole Haan women's golf shoe

Cole Haan is a renowned US lifestyle footwear brand 

(Image credit: Cole Haan)

Cole Haan has been in the business of producing fashionable lifestyle footwear and accessories for over 90 years, however the brand only entered the golf market in 2021, and until the PGA Show I was unfamiliar with their women’s golf shoe collection. 

The shoes caught my eye for two reasons - modern styling that you’d happily wear on and off the golf course, as well as a luxurious look and feel. Shoes are generally priced at the higher end of the market, ranging from $175-$220, but given the fact that this American brand has always been associated with style and sophistication, I did expect the retail price to be slightly higher. 

Pirdie Golf

Women golfers in Pirdie Golf Fashion

Pirdie Golf launched in 2023

(Image credit: Pirdie Golf)

In many ways, the Pirdie Golf story is not unusual. Three friends came together to play golf during the Covid pandemic, but weren’t impressed by the golf clothing on offer, so decided to create their own brand that launched in March 2023. 

Having now met the women behind Pirdie Golf, their sense of fun transmits into their products, which they promote as being ‘Women’s Golf Apparel That’s Actually Rad’. What’s noticeable is that fabrics are not typically clingy, but made in soft cotton in on-trend coordinating colors, all designed to encourage 24-45-year-old women to have fun on a golf course.


Boxto women's golf shoe

Boxto shoe from Inspiration Hybrid collection 

(Image credit: Boxto)

Boxto is a new brand on my radar that designs and manufactures hand-crafted leather golf shoes and belts. Until I saw a huge poster of Charley Hull showcasing a pair of Boxto shoes, I didn’t realise she was a brand ambassador, as well as Jim Furyk. 

These are very classy looking shoes with a tasteful two-tone color scheme, and more traditionally styled than other brands on the market. The women’s spikeless Inspiration Hybrid line comes in four different styles with a full grain leather upper and a calf skin leather lining for added comfort and is priced at $189.


Nivo Fashion - women on fairway

Nivo's modern and fresh designs for 2024

(Image credit: Nivo)

Female-led Canadian brand Nivo has been producing women’s golf clothes since 2005, and while collections are widely available in US stores and golf clubs, there are only a relatively small number of online stockists in the UK such as GolfGarb and Love Golf Clothes

This collection stood out to me, it was not extensive, but designs for spring/summer are fresh with a variety of colors and patterns that are on-trend, yet not overpowering. Golf dresses are still in fashion this year and I particularly like the simple and flattering Ally dress that comes in three different colors.

Beaver Golf

Beaver Golf Glove

Beaver Golf produces sustainable products

(Image credit: Beaver Golf)

Sometimes we question if products really are environmentally friendly, but sustainability is what German accessory company Beaver Golf prides itself on. Sustainable and fair, free from plastic and harmful substances, with products packaged in recycled paper, they are on a mission to show everyone that sustainability is not a luxury and does not have to be expensive. 

An unfussy design in supersoft leather that feels comfortable was my first impression of the glove that comes in five different colors, plus it has a cute Beaver logo on the tab, so I’m sure we’ll see more of these on people’s hands in the future as one of the best golf gloves on the market.

Famara Golf

Women golfers wearing Famara fashion

Famara Golf's art-inspired prints

(Image credit: Famara Golf)

Since launching in 2019, Famara has steadily been making an impact on the UK’s women golfers and now the brand is also making big in-roads in the US. European artwork is always the inspiration behind Famara’s unique designs and the products have a standout intensity and vibrancy that sets them aside from other brands. 

Amongst the collection is an attractive  long sheer sleeve shirt and as it’s the brand’s most popular item it will be making another appearance in different colours for spring/summer. The mauve and green floral print ‘Forget Me Not’ collection caught my eye, as well as the ‘Blue Lagoon’ dress.


Women's Golf Fashion

All Golftini clothing features a martini glass logo

(Image credit: Golftini)

Golftini is another female-led brand, established by Susan Hess in 2005. It’s therefore not new in the US, but one that I have recently discovered. The collection is great, stylish clothing that can effortlessly transition from the golf course to a modern woman’s everyday lifestyle. 

This brand definitely has a sense of fun, demonstrated by the martini glass logo on every item. The logo is always light pink in support of breast cancer charities, which Golftini have always donated to through a percentage of sales.

Alison Root

Alison Root has over 25 years experience working in media and events, predominantly dedicated to golf, in particular the women’s game. Until 2020, for over a decade Alison edited Women & Golf magazine and website, and is now the full-time Women's Editor for Golf Monthly. Alison is a respected and leading voice in the women's game, overseeing content that communicates to active golfers from grassroots through to the professional scene, and developing collaborative relationships to widen Golf Monthly's female audience across all platforms to elevate women's golf to a new level. She is a 16-handicap golfer (should be better) and despite having had the fantastic opportunity to play some of the best golf courses around the world, Kingsbarns in Scotland is her favourite.