Titleist T100 vs T100s Golf Irons: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

What are the main differences between the Titleist T100 and T100s irons? In this comparison test, we find out

Titleist T100 vs T100s Golf Irons
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Titleist T100 vs T100s Golf Irons: Read Our Head-To-Head Verdict

Titleist is regarded as one of the most recognized manufacturers of golf clubs in the world, with the T-Series range of irons ranking as some of the best golf irons that money can buy.

There are a number of T-Series irons available in the range, but it's the T100 and T100s that we are specifically focusing on in this comparison. Although their names may be nearly identical, there are some significant differences between the two that may mean one suits your game better than the other.

After rigorously testing both models, we take a look at which one is best for you and which one will have the biggest impact on your approach shots. 


Both irons make a strong case of being among the best looking irons on the market, with the clean lines and a beautiful brushed satin finish making either club look great in any bag. 

At address, you’d be forgiven for thinking the T100 was a blade because of how compact it is, especially the topline and the distinct lack of any offset but, while the profile is intimidating at first, it also narrows your focus on the strike. 

However, to the trained eye, there really isn't much to separate these two in the looks the department as, down at address, the T100s also looks like an iron that should be in the hands of an accomplished player due to its thin topline and compact overall size.


Aside from there being an S on one of the models, there really isn't much to separate the two in terms of looks and this is also the case with the feel and sound as both offer up a soft, dense sensation at impact that place them among the best Titleist irons for feel.

When you strike the T100s out of the middle, you are rewarded with a soft, solid feel at impact that remains fairly uniform as the strike location moves a little left and right or up and down. Basically, the sweetspot is larger than you might imagine it to be on first inspection.

When testing the T100, the connection with the golf ball out of the middle felt sensational. Like the S model, it features denser tungsten weights, which provide a solid, crisp ‘thud’ at impact and, over a wider spectrum of shots, the off-centre forgiveness becomes more apparent (especially in the heel/toe direction).


Looks and feel are almost identical then, but we then come to the portion of the comparison where the T100s edges the T100. The S version has been designed with this factor in mind as it aims to provide the looks and feel of a tour-level iron but with extra distance.

When testing the T100s against the T100 outdoors with our fitted spec and Titleist Pro V1x golf balls, we can confirm that this club does go further than the T100. By how far you may ask? Well, on average, it was around four yards, which was the minimum we were expecting - averaging around 171 yards with the 7-iron that is 32° in loft.

The figures for the Titleist T-Series irons

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The reason for the added distance is primarily through the T100s being two degrees stronger than the T100, but configured in a way that ensures turf interaction isn’t compromised. However, the flight window and spin numbers were also very similar to the T100, averaging around 200rpm lower on average. We think that this is possibly down to the muscle cavity found in the 4-7 irons helping to maintain the trajectory.


Both these models are designed to be the best irons for low handicappers so the forgiveness is not the strongest point when analysing the T100 and T100s. There is certainly some there, but don't expect them to feature on the most forgiving irons list. These models feature a thin topline and compact look at address which, in the hands of an accomplished player, won't be too much of an issue. However, because of their blade-like looks, it won't just be at impact where there may be a lack of confidence.

Overall Appeal

Overall, there isn't an awful lot to separate these models, with both providing a premium, Tour-level performance that is s