Titleist Pro V1 vs Titleist AVX Golf Balls

We compare Titleist Pro V1 vs Titleist AVX golf balls

Titliest AVX 2022 v Titleist Pro V1 2021 Golf Ball Packs
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Titleist Pro V1 vs Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Our Titleist Pro V1 ball review and Titleist AVX ball review showed how these two balls are among the best premium golf balls in the market and offer contrasting performance in spin and distance.

The Pro V1 has been in the market since 2000, whereas the AVX was added to the Titleist ball range in 2018 to offer a softer and lower spinning alternative to the Pro V1 franchise.

Both are three piece balls with premium cast urethane covers, but the AVX has a larger core which in turn creates a different performance profile as our comparison review shows.


As both balls come from Titleist, you can buy them in white or yellow and the AVX is also very noticeable in store thanks to the green box.

The covers are both high performance and the dimple patterns help determine the flight characteristics with the Pro V1 having 388 dimples and the AVX 348.     

Titliest AVX 2022 v Titleist Pro V1 2021 Golf Balls

(Image credit: MHopley)


Whilst the Pro V1 is the softer of the Pro V family, the AVX is softer still on and around the greens thanks to that larger core. It’s not a deal breaker, but the aim from Titleist here is to offer a premium alternative to the softer balls on the market.


When a ball spins less it has to fly higher to make the distance and also to create a steep enough landing angle to stop quickly on the green. Given that both of these balls are mid to low spin, they were about the same peak height for a 7-iron and driver, but both lower than the higher spinning Pro V1x.

Ball testing with Trackman

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Using Trackman at SGGT studios I found that with a 7-iron I was getting more distance with the Pro V1 than the AVX and this could be that at my above average swing speed the firmer ball was generating more ball speed. 

This is not uncommon with softer balls at higher swing speeds, even though with the driver the distances were fairly similar. For mid to slower swing speeds you are likely to find you will gain a bit more distance with the AVX.


This is where there was the most difference as the lower spinning AVX did not offer as much control at the Pro V1 and came up short on a lot of chips. On full shots into the green the AVX might fly further but it will not stop as quickly and you could end up struggling to hold the green.

Which Ball Should You Choose?

The Titleist AVX is a quality ball as you would expect from the leading ball company in golf. However it is quite a niche play as it aims to take on the low spin, soft feel sector of the market. It will therefore suit players who generate too much spin as it will reduce dispersion and add distance.

It will also be of benefit to slower swing speed players who don’t generate enough spin as the aerodynamics will get the ball up to add some distance.

For most players though, the Pro V1 is the choice to go for if you are looking for a softer feeling ball that does not spin too much and provides excellent control on and around the greens.

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