Titleist AVX 2022 Golf Ball Review

Titleist AVX 2022 golf ball reviews a premium golf ball that offers low spin and soft feel

Titleist AVX 2022 Golf Ball Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The Titleist AVX 2022 golf ball is an improvement on the previous version as it does offer a little more control around the green from the premium cover. It is ideal for those who prefer soft feel from a low spinning ball.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Soft feel

  • +

    Low spin

  • +

    Premium construction

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not as much control around green as Pro V1

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The Titleist AVX 2022 golf ball is now into its third generation and continues the format of a low spin and soft feeling premium golf ball.

Why would you want this? Well, if you create too much spin with your iron shots then the AVX will reduce spin and you should get more distance as long as you can get it in the air. If you generate below average spin then you may also find that the AVX goes further too, so this is not necessarily a ball for everyone.

It is a premium ball and features the same cover as the Pro V1 and ProV1x golf balls and Titleist says that you should get the same control around the greens, even if it might spin less.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball 2022

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The 2022 version of the AVX has a reformulated core that aims to create more short game control without losing any of the low spin and soft feel benefits on longer iron shots. Titleist has done this by making the outer region of the core stiffer and around the green it did seem to spin a little more than the 2020 Titleist AVX golf ball.

The cover also features a new dimple pattern, losing four dimples to 348 in a tetrahedral catenary design if you want to count them. The aim of this is to stabilize the flight for more accuracy and consistency and there was a small improvement here, as the previous model was already pretty good in this respect.

Ball test swing SGGT

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In testing using Trackman at SGGT studios you could see slight change spin of the 2022 version compared to the 2020 model. With the driver the spin was around the same, but the ball speed was up around 1mph so it went a little further. With a 7-iron the 2022 AVX spun around 300 rpm more and was therefore a yard or two longer. 

The AVX spins around 200-300 rpm less than a ProV1, which is not exactly a spinny ball itself, so you may find that the AVX might not stop quickly enough on approaches even though it has a slightly steeper landing angle.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball 2022

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The lower spin also meant the control around the green was not quite as good as ProV1, so it may depend on how you play your chip shots as to whether that will matter.

As well as coming in white you can also get the Titleist AVX 2022 ball in optic yellow for those who need help seeing their ball go over the horizon.

Who Should Use The Titleist AVX Golf Ball?

Overall the Titleist AVX 2022 golf ball is one of the best golf balls on the market and an improvement on the previous version as it does offer a little more control around the green. It is quite a soft ball so if you prefer that kind of feel and need a lower spinning ball with a premium cover then the Titleist AVX is worth a try.

Is Titliest AVX Better Then Pro V1? 

The ProV1 is the next one up in terms of spin in the Titleist range, so you can read our Titleist ProV1 v Titleist AVX comparison review if you want to compare them.

Which Golf Balls Are Similar To Titleist AVX?

The most similar golf ball to Titleist AVX within the Titleist family is the Titleist Pro V1 which will spin a little more.

Within other brands for a premium soft ball you should read TaylorMade TP5 golf ball review and the Callaway Chrome Soft golf ball review and also our Titleist AVX v Callaway Chome soft comparison.

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