Titleist AVX Golf Ball 2020 Review

We asssess the feel, flight and performance of the Titleist AVX 2020 ball

2020 Titleist AVX Ball Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The Titleist AVX delivers a lower spin and a lower flight, without sacrificing the playability around the greens. The slightly softer feel of this 2020 version is certainly a plus point, as it now strikes a much nicer balance between feeling responsive and powerful off the tee. It was particularly effective in windy conditions.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It produces a lower spin and a more penetrating ball flight while maintaining good feel and offering impressive durability.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    The softer feel and lower launch and spin on full shots won’t suit everybody.

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In this 2020 Titleist AVX Ball review, we put it in play out on the golf course to assess the feel, flight and performance versus the popular Pro V1 ball

2020 Titleist AVX Ball Review

The 2020 version of the AVX builds on a strong first iteration with a construction that’s designed to combine distance and very soft feel in a premium package that sits as a lower flying and spinning alternative to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.


Titleist say it’s able to do all this because of the larger core, thinner cover and aerodynamic dimple design (the dimples are noticeably different in size and shape than on most other balls) creating a lower, stronger flight.


We tested the ball on a windy links course and it certainly lived up to that billing. The flight was reassuringly stable, and it cut through the wind nicely without losing much yardage into the draft. It also felt like you maintained the control and spin into the greens.

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That thinner and more flexible urethane cover is important as well because this new version feels a bit softer and spinnier than the first version on finesse shots and putting around and on the greens. You still get that lovely ‘click’ sound with a good impact and enough spin for those delicate recovery shots.


It’s also worth noting that the durability was impressive. We played a few rounds and any noticeable marks on the ball were few and far between – it’s more likely that you’ll lose one before it needs replacing because of scrapes and scuffs. We tested the white version, but it’s also available in yellow.

The AVX does what it’s supposed to, but the fact it fits into the range alongside the Pro V1 and Pro V1x means it isn’t going to be the optimum choice for everyone. If you’re looking to bring your flight down and reduce spin without sacrificing noticeable performance around the greens, it’s an excellent option. However, golfers who already launch the ball quite low and generate spin at the lower end of the spectrum might not benefit from switching.

Kit Alexander

Kit Alexander is a golf broadcaster and journalist who commentates and presents for the DP World Tour, PGA EuroPro Tour and Rose Ladies Series. He has over 15 years’ experience of magazine and television work in the golf industry and is a regular contributor to Golf Monthly.