Which Wilson Staff Irons Are Right For Me?

The latest Wilson Staff irons on the market

Check out the latest irons that Wilson Staff has on offer

Which Wilson Staff Irons Are Right For Me?

  • Wilson Staff has a range of irons on the market for 2020 covering golfers of all abilities, from game-improvers to accomplished ball strikers and professionals.
  • Here’s an overview of the current Wilson Staff irons range. Be sure to check out the links through to our reviews, which will help you make a decision on which Wilson Staff irons are right for your game.
  • With some of the products you’ll see a ‘Buy Now’ link. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item, but this doesn’t affect the amount you pay.

Wilson Staff Irons Range

Wilson Staff Model Blade Irons

Price: £899

Key Technology:Soft-Forged 8620 Carbon Steel

  • Soft-Forged 8620 Carbon Steel
  • Muscleback Design
  • Milled Face & Score Lines

Verdict: A stunning set of irons that are at the top of the tree in the blade market.

Will Suit: Only the finest ball-strikers should consider putting these in the bag.

Wilson Staff D7 Irons

Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

Price: Varied

Key Technology:Power Hole technology (4-7 irons feature three rows, 8-9 irons have 2 rows, and PW has one row)

  • Power Hole technology (4-7 irons feature three rows, 8-9 irons have 2 rows, and PW has one row)
  • These Power Holes are filled with a urethane-type material to dampen vibration
  • Combined with Wilson Golf’s thinnest ever face
  • The hosel on the D7 irons has also been modified for easier club adjustability

Verdict: An impressive all-round offering

Will Suit: It is so user-friendly that many golfers will see a benefit form the D7 irons.

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Irons

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Launched

Price: £599

Key Technology:

  • Forged from soft 8620 Carbon steel and featuring a new club head design.
  • Urethane filled Power Chamber inside the head has been introduced alongside the Power Hole Technology
  • Wider and thicker sole to allow for more aggressive Power Holes

Verdict: An impressive all-rounder, achieving consistent carries with a soft, solid feel at impact.

Will Suit: If you’re a golfer who wants to play a compact, soft-feeling iron without losing out on distance, the D7 Forged is an iron you should certainly consider in 2020.

Wilson Launchpad Irons

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Iron Review

Price: £449

Key Technology:

  • Incorporates a wide, progressive sole throughout the set that prevents the sole from digging into the turf.
  • A late-breaking bounce angle keeps the leading edge up.
  • Lightweight design also makes it easier for golfers to generate club speed

Verdict: The wide sole definitely provides extra assistance on ground-first contacts. Impressive accuracy and carry distance.

Will Suit: If you’re a beginner or high handicapper these irons are certainly an option worth trying.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons  

Wilson Staff Irons, Wilson Staff C300 Irons

Price: £599

Key Technology:

  • Power Holes around head minimise contact between body and face, providing maximum flex and expanding sweet spot for greater ball speeds across hitting surface
  • Power Holes on sole of club head, toe and topline increases face deflection for extra distance

Wilson Staff C300 Irons Review (opens in new tab)

Verdict: The look at address will divide opinion, but the performance benefits they appear to provide should outweigh any concerns over the aesthetics.

Will Suit: Golfers seeking extra distance at a more affordable price

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons

Price: £629

Key Technology:

  • Power Holes and FLX Face technology in an 8620 carbon steel construction
  • Power Holes on sole and toe increase face deflection for more ball speed and distance

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons Review (opens in new tab)

Verdict: It might not be the longest among its competitive set, but it delivers a strong, stable ball flight with consistent distance and ample stopping power into greens. Visible technology adds shelf appeal and it boasts modern innovation with a traditional look. There’s value to be had given the all-round performance and the modest price tag

Will Suit: Mid and low handicappers that seek distance in a more compact and traditional profile

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

Wilson Staff Irons, Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

Price: £699

Key Technology:

  • 8620 carbon steel forged for more feel
  • Tungsten weighting in key zones for forgiveness
  • 20-gram tungsten sole weight lowers CG increases launch angle without increasing spin

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons Review (opens in new tab)

Verdict: A tangible improvement from Wilson in the better player iron category, blending feel and forgiveness with excellent distance control and appealing looks. There really is little to dislike

Will Suit: Better players

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Key Technology:

  • Features seven grams of weight positioned low in the club head for increased launch angles.
  • High-strength maraging steel face.
  • Club was originally designed as a prototype for tour players

Will Suit: Players looking for another option off the tee.

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