Wilson Staff C300 Irons

We test out Wilson Staff's intriguing new distance iron offering

Wilson Staff C300 Irons Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

The C300 iron is ideal for golfers seeking extra distance at a more affordable price. The look at address will divide opinion, but the performance benefits they appear to provide should outweigh any concerns over the aesthetics.

Reasons to buy
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    Excellent distance, powerful feel with a good amount of stopping power and forgiveness. Impressive value for money.

Reasons to avoid
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    Unorthadox look at address takes some getting used to. Much of extra distance could come from stronger lofts over C200.

Wilson Staff C300 Irons Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests the new Wilson Staff C300 with the help of the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor

Wilson Staff C300 Irons Review

Aimed At The C300 iron is aimed predominantly at golfers who prioritise distance and forgiveness over things like feel and workability.

Key Technology The C300 irons feature Power Holes around the entire club head to minimise contact between the body and face, providing maximum flex and expanding the sweet spot for greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.


This includes a double row of Power Holes on the sole of the club head (five in total), as well as two on the toe and three across the topline, increases face deflection by 58 per cent, adding an extra seven yards of distance than if they weren’t there.

Looks The C300 is larger and more confidence inspiring than its Forged counterpart. The Power Holes along the topline unquestionably catch your eye, at least initially, and won’t be to everyone’s taste.

wilson C300-irons-address

Feel/Sound They certainly feel livelier off the face that the Forged version, much like you would expect from a distance iron, and have a louder sound to match that really pleases the senses.

Performance It was interesting that although it has the same 7-iron loft of 31˚, we got a lot more distance out of the C300 compared to the forged version – 13 more yards on average to be exact. This may well be down to the extra Power Holes, proving their worth and effectiveness, admittedly assisted by a slightly longer stock shaft.

c300 iron data

Everything else about the way this iron performs screams distance. The low spin combined with a high launch and ball flight is a recipe for impressive yardages. That and the explosive feel and ample forgiveness, which comes from the overall size and flexible face.

The lightweight KBS Tour 90 shaft will help the majority of players get more distance too. We liked how stable it felt, helping control dispersion while keeping up speed and launch.