Whatever you're looking for, there's a smart phone to help you get the best out of your golf game

Best Smart Phone For Golfers – Which One To Choose?

It’s hard to get by without a smart phone these days and you’ll find some incredible technology at the touch of your fingertips with a lot of the models on the market. Like the best golf GPS devices, after using one you will wonder how you ever managed before!

It’s crucial to ask yourself what you want from your smart phone before buying it, as there will be plenty of handy features that golfers will benefit from that many models will offer, whilst some won’t.

Whether it’s amazing displays for easy visuals and watching the golf on demand, a brilliant battery life to last a full 36 holes or a market-leading camera to take great course photos and videos, we’ll help you find the right smart phone for you.

Below is our list on the best smart phone for golfers and we also recommend checking out some of our other guides too. Such as the best golf laser rangefinders, best golf GPS watches, or even the best golf launch monitors too.

Best Smart Phone For Golfers

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Best Smart Phone For Golfers

+ Amazing display
+ Stunning camera
– Not the best battery life

Rated by TechRadar as the best smartphone on the market right now, the Galaxy S20 Plus has lots of great tech to help you out on the course. It features the best display on the market and its incredible cameras will produce some beautiful course shots and some detailed videos. The battery life isn’t the very best though, so if you use your phone as a GPS device you may need to charge it quite soon after your round.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $949.99

UK Buy Now at Carphone Warehouse for £999

iPhone 12

+Best bang for buck iPhone
+ Improved battery life on iPhone 11
– Screen not as large or impressive as others on market

If you’re an avid Apple fan and want something slightly below the premium price, the iPhone 12 is a superb handset and is considered the best bang for your buck iPhone. It does everything very well and represents great value. The OLED screen display is impressive, it’s a durable build so should survive any drops and the battery life is increased on the 11. You’ll get a dual-lense camera to take some lovely images of your favourite golf holes and access to the much-loved Apple Store.

US Buy Now at Apple for $799

UK Buy Now at Argos for £1399

OnePlus 8 Pro

Best Smart Phone For Golfers

+Stunning display
+ 3x optical zoom camera
– Battery life isn’t the best

The Fluid Display on the Android 8 Pro means it rivals or matches the Galaxy S20 Plus in terms of screen resolution – put simply it is a stunning visual treat. The battery life is fine but not market-leading and it features a great camera with 3x optical zoom. It comes in just below the price point of its Samsung and Apple competitors. Easily one of the top smartphones right now.

US Buy Now at Walmart for $849.99

UK Buy Now at John Lewis for £899

Oppo Find X2 Pro

+ Very cool 60x zoom camera
+ Beautiful display
– Not the best battery life

You may be unaware of Oppo but the Find X2 Pro is one of the very best camera phones on the market – meaning you’ll get some stunning on-course shots to share with your mates and on social media. The 60x zoom is very cool and will come in handy if you ever want to take a long-range image on the course – maybe you’ve just hit it to gimme range for a tap-in birdie? It’s also got a stunning display. The battery life isn’t great, though, so steer clear if you’re looking to use your phone as a GPS.

US Buy Now at Walmart for $1299

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £849

Moto G8 Power

Best Smart Phone For Golfers

+ Market-leading battery life
+ Great value
– Average all round performance compared to premium models

The ultimate budget smartphone for battery life is the Moto G8 Power thanks to its 5,000 mAh battery, so you can be sure to use it as a GPS device for 36 holes. It’s also ridiculously cheap, coming in below £200 – miles below the premium handsets. Aside from the battery life, the Android G Power is a decent offering with a 16MP main camera and a 6.4-inch full HD+ LCD screen size.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $179.99

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £179

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

+ Addition of stylus a cool feature
+ Stunning camera and display
– Battery life isn’t the best

This is the ultimate phone for watching the golf on Sky Go and your favourite golf YouTube videos. It’s got a huge, stunning display and the stylus adds a unique touch to using your smart phone. The camera is also one of the best out there too, with a 50x zoom. Be wary of the battery life – that is the only real negative.

US Buy Now at Walmart for $957.30

UK Buy Now at John Lewis for £949

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Best Smart Phone For Golfers

+ Great value
+ 108mp camera
– Not as fast as the premium handsets due to a mid-range chipset

You may not have heard of Xiaomi before but if you’re an Android fan, this could be a winner for you. It charges very fast and has a good battery life so will be able to be used as a GPS phone without dying. Its camera is one of the best on the market – it is 108 megapixels! It is also much cheaper than the Samsungs and Apples.

US Buy Now at Amazon for $455

UK Buy Now at Amazon for £619

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