Best Golf Shag Bags

We take a look at the best golf shag bags on the market.

We take a look at the best golf shag bags to help you work on your game better and more efficiently.

Best Golf Shag Bags

Shag bags are an incredibly useful golf accessory to have when you are working on your golf on a long game practice area or around the practice chipping green.

They store a large amount of golf balls but are primarily useful for allowing you to quickly and easily pick up balls after a practice session. They're also a saviour for those with a bad back as they prevent you from having to bend down to pick up each individual golf ball on the practice range.

It's not known precisely where the term shag bag originated from. Some have argued its an Americanism, some say its referring to 'shag' caddies on Tour who used to stand at the other end of the range and collect their employer's golf balls and some have argued its named after the sea bird the Shag.

Either way, if you go to your local pro shop or golf retailer in the UK and ask for a shag bag, you might initially receive a funny look and a remark, but eventually they'll lead you over to the practice accessory area of their shop.

Here we are going to take a look at some of the best shag bags on the market and our list contains a variety of different styles and capacities.

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Best Golf Shag Bags

Callaway Pro Caddie Ball Shagger

Best Golf Shag Bags

Practice longer and smarter with the Callaway Pro Caddie ball shagger.

This golf training tool easily feeds you one ball at a time, and all you have to do is tap your club against it. A common problem for many is hitting golf balls too quickly, whereas this aid encourages you to slow down and take time with each swing.

It holds up to 35 golf balls - more than enough for a round of practice balls - and the feeding element of this product definitely allows it to stand out from the rest.

Mizuno Practice Ball Bag

Best Golf Shag Bags

The Mizuno Practice Ball Bag comes in classic Mizuno two-tone blue with a clear and bold Mizuno logo on the side.

It is made from a durable fabric construction and is also made with a structured base allowing it to stand upright on uneven grassy surfaces. The two sturdy grab handles make it easy to carry too even when full of practice balls.

The Golfers Club Metal Shag Bag

Best Golf Shag Bags

This lightweight and sturdy golf ball collector is the perfect practice companion when you are out working hard on your game.

It holds a massive 70 balls at once and, even when nearly full, is lightweight as easy to use as you pick up balls on the practice area or putting green.

The aluminium tube used to collect the balls is sturdy and lightweight while the bag on top has a useful zip to take golf balls in and out of once you are done practicing.

A no fuss, easy to use golf ball collector.

Ping Range Bag

Best Golf Shag Bags

The Ping Range Bag is designed slightly different to the other manufacturer's shag bags in that it has one large handle running down the back of it as oppose to the two grab handles traditionally used over the top of the bag.

It is made with the same premium materials that make Ping carry and cart bags so popular, with rugged 900D polyester and high-quality YKK tips making this feel like a very premium shag bag.

It is of course practical too, holding plenty of practice balls while looking classy and understated.

Titleist Golf Shag Practice Bag

While this doesn't have the same sort of functionality as some other shag bags in this list, it certainly looks a lot sharper.

This Tour-inspired design weighs just 1lb - before golf balls of course - and comes with premium polyurethane accents and two sturdy grab handles of the same polyurethane material.

It also has durable plastic feet to stop the bag itself getting dirty or wet if you're practising on soggy ground. This is without a doubt a premium shag bag to store practice balls in and look the part when you're out on the practice facilities.

TaylorMade Performance Practice Ball Bag

Very similar to the Titleist shag bag above, this TaylorMade performance practice bag is a functional and sturdy bag to carry practice balls in.

The padded double handles make this an impressively sturdy bag even when packed to the brim with practice balls.

The reinforced plastic bottom stops the rest of the bag from getting dirty or wet when placed on the ground too. It's a classy, understated bag that will carry plenty of balls to the practice area.

Masters Practice Ball Clikka Bag

Best Golf Shag Bags

This shag bag is made entirely from plastic and is another lightweight and fuss-free option.

It uses the a one-way catch system to easily capture balls and holds up to 80, the most in our list.

This is also one of the largest devices in our list, so bear that in mind if you're looking for something a bit more compact. The benefit of it being large though is that its even easier to pick up balls and there is less strain bending down to get the golf balls.

Callaway Practice Caddy Golf Bag

Best Golf Shag Bags

This Callaway Practice Caddy Golf Bag is made from a durable synthetic leather material and comes with traditional Callaway styling.

The neoprene storage pocket, reinforced handles and large zipper opening makes this an incredibly sturdy bag to use on the practice facilities.

The reinforced dual grip also makes it easy and comfortable to carry this bag even when it is full to the brim of golf balls.

Stylelove Portable Golf Shag Bag

This bag is very similar to the other shag bags in this list except for one key difference in that it is portable, making it one of the best golf shag bags on the market.

The tube that collects the balls, which is fixed in place on the other bags, is removable, making this a great option if you want to use a shag bag on the move.

Despite the portable nature, this bag still holds up to 75 balls and even comes with a useful pocket on the side of the bag to hold any other accessories you might take out to practice.

Masters Clikka Ball Tube Ball Retriever

This is a much different design to the others in the list as is it simply a tube rather than a bag.

The first benefit of this is that is it easier to transport and store because it is a lot slimmer than a conventional shag bag. It can be stored in a golf bag if the dividers are wide enough, making it easy to take back and forth from the practice area.

It uses a one way catch system to collect balls, allowing you to release all the golf balls at once when full, or easily one at a time to hit.

The only disadvantage of this is it only holds a maximum of 21 balls, a lot fewer than some others in this list. However, if you are after a fairly inconspicuous and straightforward ball retriever for a small practice session, this is ideal.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on the best golf shag bags.