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Joining the G family for 2016 is also something completely new in the form of the Ping G Crossover, which has been cleverly designed to combine the performance attributes of irons and hybrids.


This means it has the accuracy and control of an iron while offering the distance of a hybrid. The resulting performance should lead to more even gapping in the top end of the bag as well as something that’s easy-to-hit off the deck.

Ping G Crossover

Like the G fairway wood and hybrid, the Crossover iron features a new carpenter 455 VFT steel that allows the face to be made thinner. This helps increase ball speeds, while the more reliable spin rates aid workability and trajectory control. The face is also flat, making it look like an iron at address.

Ping are keen to stress the Crossover is not a driving iron. In fact, it is has a 31 per cent higher MOI than the Ping Rapture driving iron. The material used means it can be adjusted for loft and lie angle just like your regular irons.

In another similar design to the G fairway and hybrid, a tiered internal sole spreads the bending motion at impact to engage more of the head structure so that it can flex more powerfully for faster ball speeds.

Ping G Crossover toe weighting Where it sets itself apart is in its extreme toe weighting, which reduces draw bias and positions the centre of gravity (CG) low and back for an easier launch as well as increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) for better heel and toe forgiveness.

Technical specs
The Crossover iron will come with either the Alta High Balance Point graphite shaft or the Ping AWT 2.0 steel shaft and with loft options at 18° (3), 21° (4) and 24° (5). The RRP is £180 and it will go on sale from February 11th.