Cheap v Mid v Expensive Shoe Test

Golf shoes can be a hefty investment, especially if you want to play in what the best players in the world are wearing, but do you get more performance the more money you spend?

That’s what we wanted to find out, so we pitted three 2020 spikeless shoes at different price points up against each other at West Hill Golf Club to see how they compared.

Cheap v Mid v Expensive Shoe Test

Shoes Tested

  • Cheap – Rife Golf RF-01 – £59.99 – Buy Now
  • Mid-range – Skechers Go Golf Elite V4 – £99 – Buy Now
  • Expensive – FootJoy Pro SL – £149.99

Cheap v mid v expensive test

The Pro SL shoe heads the way here but it is closely followed by the Rife shoe which has a very clean, neutral design which would go well with a lot of different outfits.

The embossed detailing on the upper of the Skechers may not be to everyone’s liking but it still has a fairly plain look overall that should appeal to most tastes.

Starting with the Rife, it is the heaviest shoe on the test and this was noticeable. The grip was ample from the majority of lies but it lacked comfort underfoot and there seemed to be an excess of leather in the toe area which creased when we walked.

However, generally speaking it is a perfectly adequate golf shoe with solid comfort and grip throughout the swing and in different lies.

Rife 01 shoe

Next up is the Skechers design with the lightness of the shoe being the first noticeable feature. This lightness has been combined with a very soft and squidgy feeling underfoot and around the ankles, so if that is something you prioritise, then this model is one to think about.

The grip didn’t quite seem to be at the level of the other two models in the morning dew we tested in, but in all but the most severe of lies it still managed to provide a stable footing.

skechers-go-golf-elite-4-shoe-side-Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4 Shoeweb

We felt the FootJoy Pro SL which provided the best balance of being soft underfoot, stable to swing in and fitting really well. It was also the best performing option of the three models in terms of grip, the only downside being that the supple leather does crease and scuff a little easier than we’d have liked.

Of course the Pro SL comes in at a higher price point but in terms of total package; looks, feel, performance, it is one of the best golf shoes out on the market currently.

So do you get more performance from a golf shoe, the more money you spend?

This test has shown that at the top end, you really do get what you pay for but in that low-to-mid price point area, if you shop around you can get a good looking and decent performing spikeless shoe for less than you think. Golf shoes need to be considered as a key part of your equipment set up and for us, the Pro SL gave us the best stability and connection with the ground to help us swing with power and control.

Yes, it was the most expensive but it also gave the best grip, the best stability, the best fit and the best feel as well – ticking all the boxes a golfer looks for.


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We chose the FootJoy Pro/SL as the ‘expensive’ golf shoe in this test because of its number one position in the market, both on tour and at retail, and that the brand’s Feature Product Partnership with Golf Monthly had no influence on opinions within this test.

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