Can You Visit The Masters?

It’s one of the most sought-after tickets in sport but it is possible to visit The Masters. We look at the options to become a patron.

Can You Visit The Masters?
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Can You Visit The Masters?

As The Masters gets underway this week, you might well be wondering, could I go to see the tournament in person? Is it possible to get tickets?

For long-time patrons, getting tickets is not an issue. Those who hold a series badge pay just $375 per year (this year) to gain access to the whole week at Augusta. Children aged 8-16 can get in for free if accompanied by a series badge holder.

But series badges are not easy to come by. They can be kept for life but the waiting list to get one was last opened in 2000. If your name’s not on that list, then don’t expect to have a chance to gain a series badge any time soon. On the death of a badge holder they can only be transferred to a living spouse. But there are other ways to visit The Masters.

Is It Possible To Get Tickets To The Masters?

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The Masters Tournament releases a limited number of daily tournament and practice round tickets each year. These are allocated by ballot following an online application.

There are certain criteria for applying like you must only be applying for yourself, not on behalf of a friend and relative and all applicants must be over 21. You can apply for all days, but you’ll only be eligible to win one day.

If you are lucky enough to get in through the ballot, ticket prices are very reasonable. For this year, practice round tickets were $75 and daily tournament tickets were $115.

Despite the fact that it’s stipulated tickets are not for resale – some do enter that market. At that point, the price rockets – you could expect to pay up to $5,000 for a final round ticket.

Packages are available from many golf travel companies that include a day (or maybe more) at Augusta – but they’re not cheap! Expect to pay well over £5,000 for a week, with one day at Augusta, if you’re booking from the UK.

Can Anyone Go To Watch The Masters?

Yes, if you get through the ballot and “win” a ticket for a practice or tournament day, you can go to watch The Masters. But there are some guidelines you’ll have to remember – There are various things you can’t do at Augusta National.

Don’t take a camera (on tournament days) or phone with you, don’t take a banner or flag with you, don’t run when you’re on the grounds and don’t put your cap on backwards…

But, as long as you follow the guidelines and you have a legitimate ticket – anyone can go to watch The Masters.

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